The 7 Most Cringeworthy Moments On ‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’

Audrey Morgan
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The Bachelorette reunion aired this week and we got to see all of our favorite contestants in their finest suits, new spray tans and way too manicured haircuts. JoJo is down to her final two men and said on the episode that she’s happy (hello, vague), but as we saw last night, that doesn’t mean that any of the rejected constants are over her or done kissing her ass.

The fact that all these men had months to stew over their beef with each other and come up with the perfect one liners is an essential ingredient for cringe-worthy reality TV.

Here were the best moments:

1. Jonathan wore a kilt. Again.

Looks like Jonathan did not learn his lesson the first time and sported his always flattering kilt again. What makes this even more awkward than him wearing the exact same, horrible outfit he was rejected in on night one, is that no one noticed for almost the entire episode. I think he was trying really hard to get us to remember who he is. SMH, Jonathan.


2. Alex’s psychoanalysis

After all the guys bashed on Chad, like they had been doing the entire season, they realized that Alex was just as “big” of a bully. Through a quick psychoanalysis they came up with during their time off the show obsessively rewatching episodes, the men feel that Alex felt most comfortable in conflict because of his time in the military. Alex sat quietly through his diagnoses while everyone at home was wondering when all these men became experts in psychology.


3. Evan’s very premeditated one-liner

While all the men bickered about Chad being “real” or not, Evan decided this would be the perfect opportunity to throw in the one-liner he’s been working on for months:

“Chad is real like Donald Trump is real.”

Unfortunately, it fell flat. I can die happy knowing I never have to hear Evan whine again…until “Bachelor in Paradise.”


4. Chad eats a raw sweet potato like he’s biting into an apple

He also had his own trailer for the episode and is shown eating a tray of meat like a TV dinner. Classic Chad.


5. Chad admits to dating both Robby and Grant’s exes

I am thoroughly confused how these relationships started and how these women will feel when they find out they are both dating Chad. Then again, they’re dating Chad, so that’s reason enough to question their sanity right there.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.33.20 AM



6. Basically all the “Chad” moments

The Bachelorette villain attempted to burn every other contestant while in the hot seat. *Cue evil laugh.* He called Evan a “Dick Doc,” told Derek his pocket square didn’t match his shirt (ouch), and called Alex a manlet. Need some ice for those burns, boys? He also dropped the giant truth bomb on JoJo that both her final two men are liars, but he wishes her the best of luck.


7. Annnndddd Luke says all the right things to be the next Bachelor

This isn’t as cringeworthy as it is painfully obvious — come-on ABC, keep us guessing a little!

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