The 5 Harsh Truths On Why That Guy Just Ghosted You

Colby Mamigonian
UNH '14 Exercise Science alumni. Balancing the creative with the scientific, and letting each side have its moments in the spotlight.

If you are in the dating scene, chances are you have experienced someone who seemed interested in you for a while, but then backed off like you had a contagious disease. More than ever, it is extremely common for someone to just ghost, considering the multitude of dating apps connecting people for all the wrong reasons, and the temptation to look for someone better. In your twenties, you’re prone to making bad decisions and living selfishly. So, unfortunately, you need to be prepared for this current dating craze to happen because it eventually will.

I can’t speak for the reasons why the opposite sex may suddenly disappear on you, but I can shed a little insight on the male’s perspective. Therefore, if you are a woman who just had a guy go rogue on you, here are a few reasons why that may have happened:

1. He met someone else he wants to go after instead

When it comes to women, the harsh truth is that most guys’ attention spans are very ADD. Yes, he may have been working his game on you the other day, and yes, that date may have gone perfectly (in your opinion). But if he met someone he’s more attracted to, for any reason, he will distance himself from you. He wants to direct his attention to his new goal. That may be for good, or just until he realizes he can’t get the other girl. In that case, he’ll probably hit you up again. It’ll be your decision as to what to do at that point.

2. He found something he doesn’t like about you

Some guys can tolerate being miserable for a long damn time. Others have way too high of standards. The rest of us fall somewhere in between. It may take a few dates, or weeks of hooking up until he realizes something just isn’t right. It could be your laugh. It could be something as small as how often you text him. Or it could be that he simply doesn’t like you anymore. Whatever it is, if you can’t understand why he stopped talking, you may not want to find out.

3. He was in it just for the sex

He wanted a girl to hookup with. He came. He saw. He conquered. He’s outta here.

4. He found out something about you that you didn’t think he would

Us guys talk to each other, and often times, we have girlfriends who have dirt on you, too. It may have been a prior hookup you had, a drunken one-night stand, or a string of being a little too promiscuous, but if he catches shit for being with you, he may just cut his losses and bounce.

5. He thinks he can do better

The fact is, however delusional or not, he probably thinks somewhere in the back of his head that he can do better. A guy will not stop talking to you or break up with you if he thinks he will never find someone as good as you.