The 4 Best Fan Theories On How ‘Game of Thrones’ Will End

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After what felt like an eternity of waiting, #WinterIsHere in just a few days with the return of HBO’s phenomenon, ‘Game of Thrones’. The series, beloved by seemingly everyone on the internet, will begin its seventh season on Sunday, July 16 at 9 pm (ET).

While based on the unfinished George R. R. Martin novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, the television series has overshadowed the series significantly in recent years with its cultural impact. (Yet, there are still some of those ‘But the books were better!’ people left.) And though there may be hope for a continuation through R. R. Martin’s writing sometime in the distant future, the beginning of the end begins with 7 episodes in season 7. Each episode ‘Game of Thrones’ is sure to be an emotional roller coaster, expressed through floods of witty reactions and GoT memes riddling social media. 

Beyond memes, the internet has been flooded with fan theories on how the series will conclude its final season, for quite a few years now. While, the final season, season 8, will not air until sometime in late 2018/early 2019, there are so many that make enough valid points to be true — even if we are one season away from the end!

When season 7 concludes, will everyone’s questions be answered? Will everyone be happy when the final episode (until possibly 2019!!) fades to black? That’s not likely. But until post-show opinions surface, here are some of the top fan theories and speculations of who will be the last character sitting on the Iron Throne by the time season 8 comes to an end. Let’s see if any of these make sense by the time the final season 7 episode airs on August 27.

Keep in mind, the following may contain spoilers, and may make you sad. 


1. Jaime Lannister murders Cersei


Cersei has become one of the most hated characters on the show in recent seasons, so her death may not make fans particularly upset. In this theory, Cersei (aka The Queen of Shame) comes to her demise by her own brother, but which one? Based on a prophecy within the ASOIAF book series, it suggests that Cersei’s “valongar” will kill her —meaning ‘little brother’ in High Valyrian.

Originally this theory was focused toward Tyrion, but as the seasons progressed, shifted gears toward the scenario of Jaime killing off the presumably heartless Cersei. Last season, the brother-sister-lover-duo reunite after practically a full season apart. Jaime was over in Dorne trying to rescue his daughter with Cersei, Myrcella. As we now know, that didn’t work out too well and thus fills the prophecy — noted by Cersei herself  — that all three of her children would be killed. (Poor Myrcella was poisoned to death — the second Lannister child to die this way.)  

With all of Cersei’s prophecies ending up as reality thus far, the theory points to Jaime since Tyrion is currently nowhere near Westeros. Keeping in mind Jaime’s famously creepy words to his sister, “We came into this world together, we’ll leave it together,” the theory would make for an interesting plot twist. Could The Kingslayer end up being The Queenslayer, too? 


2. The ‘All Men Must Die’ theory

There’s one quite grim theory that suggests all characters end up dying and the White Walkers take it all. Talk about sucking the joy from everything, right? Well, the theory would actually align with the lack of justice and overall joy within the world of the Seven Kingdoms created by Martin through the ASOIAF series.

‘All Men Must Die’ could be translated from High Valyrian quite literally and lead to a lesson at the end of the series that no one is immortal after all — yes, all men [and women] must die. ‘All Men Must Die’ could possibly be an omen throughout the seasons, warning that the White Walkers end up wiping out the mortal existence. A different fan theory implies the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers as a form of protection against evil. Coming full circle, the White Walkers would end the series by cleansing the Seven Kingdoms of humanity for a fresh start free of corruption. Regardless of which way the needle sways, it’s likely these icy bastards will be playing a major role in the next seven episodes, as they’re the main focal point for all season 7 promos.


3. A Literal Song of Ice and Fire

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Let’s get back to the absolute basics here. George R. R. Martin’s book series, which began in 1996, is entitled “A Song of Ice and Fire.” If we break this down into “GoT” terms, would that mean… White Walkers (ice) versus dragons (fire)? Could the title reveal the underlying theme of the entire “Game of Thrones” series?

The beauty of the series has always been to expect the unexpected [tenfold] and this theory asks the question, are Westeros and Essos nothing more than pawns in a game being played by the Gods to keep things interesting? The Gods (the old and the new) have been prominent throughout the entire series, with almost every character looking to please them. If the title of the novel series is the core of the plot all along, then we’re in for one final epic showdown between Daenerys’ precious dragons and the icy force of zombies known as White Walkers.


4. Bran saves everyone, or ruins everything

First of all, WHERE IS BRAN? Unseen throughout all of season 6, this fan theory proposes that Bran is the time-traveling God all along. Accepting that the Three-Eyed Raven is correct in saying, “the past is already written” implies that we would also have to accept everything and anything Bran does within his “warg” or time travels are actually happening, and reshaping the future with every warg — think Butterfly Effect. 

This is actually plausible, especially due to the fact that we know Bran’s visions and time travel (wargs) directly resulted in Wylis becoming Hodor in the first place. Even though we know all of this, Bran is still naive to how much of an effect he’s actually leaving and doesn’t grasp how much the world around him is changing in response to his own actions. If the theory (or parts of it) hold true, then we should be seeing more of Bran exploring his powers throughout season 7. 

If you remember back to prior seasons, Bran actually witnessed the creation of the Night King during a warg, and experiences the touch of an ancient White Walker zombie during his “time travel.” These events strongly point to the indication that Bran and the Night King already have a strong connection. Reddit user Turm0il26 believes the following: 

“Bran goes back all the way to where the Night king was created, to warg into the human that later is going to become the Night King. He wargs into him to instead stop the ‘dragonglass into the heart’-event from happening. Only he doesn’t think that the children of the forest won’t recognize him from the future and that they at that point are in a war with the first men (he is gagged because of all the weird future-talk). When he realized he failed again, he tries to go back in the current timeline, but can’t because he’s too deep into the past and stayed too long (‘it is beautiful beneath the sea, stay too long and you drown’). From here Bran gets stuck in the past (exactly as Brynden and Jojen warned him not to) and becomes the Night King.”

While fans have discussed these theories (and much more) with friends, message boards, and social media platforms for years, there’s only one certainty throughout all of this. We really have no idea what HBO and the ‘Game of Thrones’ writers will throw our way beginning this Sunday. Make sure to tune in from the edge of your seat for the next seven Sunday nights at 9 pm ET.


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