The 4 Things You Should Do After You’ve Hooked Up With A Coworker

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Look around: there’s a very high chance that several of your coworkers have hooked up with each other. Just like the flu in the winter, it’s everywhere and, unlike the flu in the winter, there’s no vaccine for it.

An Approved Index survey showed 65% of 1,550 workers it spoke to reported to have had some kind of involvement with another coworker. With the combination of an uptick in casual work places and an increase in work hours, it’s no surprise that personal/professional Venn diagram has started to overlap more and more.

Before going to that holiday work party, where an open bar is likely to lower your inhibitions, here are some ways to deal with that potential workplace hookup with style and grace.

1. Own up to it

Don’t walk into your office, stand up on your desk and shout it to your entire floor, but make sure you don’t beat yourself up for it. All you did was fulfill a human need and you can’t take it back now!



2. Understand that the other party is probably all O_O, too

It takes two to tango, so don’t torture yourself and remember that the other person is a human being and isn’t devoid of feelings.



3. Don’t overthink needing to be super cool with each other at work 

That’s when you look the most obvious, especially if it’s a change in behavior.



4. Be careful who you tell

Remember, there are two parties involved so you don’t want to do anything that would affect the other person, especially since they have no control over your actions.



Of course this is assuming that both parties are consenting adults, if not we need to have another conversation. But otherwise, when you wake up the next morning and realize what you’ve done, remember these four things and you’ll be able to walk into work with that confidence and glow rather than being blushed and cowardly.

Stand up tall and own it.