Thanksgiving Day Playlist: Songs You’ll Be Grateful For

Talia Aroshas
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Have you ever been at a Thanksgiving dinner and thought to yourself, “Damn, this turkey could really use some music to accompany it.” Yes? No? Maybe? Just me? Regardless, here is an awesome lineup of Thanksgiving day songs all sporting a unique element of gratitude.

But before we even begin, here is Adam Sandler singing the “Thanksgiving Song.”

1. Thank U – Alanis Morissette

For those thankful for: All the small and simple little wonders of living.

2. Kind and Generous – Natalie Merchant

For those thankful for: A friend or loved one who has always been there for them.

3. Thank You – Dido

For those thankful for: Finally finding the one that makes it all a little better.

4. Thnks fr the Mmrs – Fall Out Boy

For those thankful for: A one night stand. I think.

5. Thank You for Being a Friend – Cynthia Fee

For those thankful for: A friend of theirs being a friend. Or the Golden Girls.

6. Thank You – Led Zeppelin

For those thankful for: The love of a kind woman.

7. Thank You Girl – The Beatles

For those thankful for: A girl that loves them.

8. Thank You – Jay-Z

For those thankful for: Their fans.

9. I Want to Thank You – Otis Redding

For those thankful for: Their darling.

10. Thank You for the Music – ABBA

For those thankful for: The music, the greatest thing in the world. Duh.

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