#TBT: The Music Charts On June 18, 1993

Mahogany Bullock
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While everybody is ogling over the record-breaking success of Jurassic World, we thought it best to take a trip back in time to where it all began. In June of 1993, Jurassic Park made its cinematic debut in theaters nationwide. Fast forward 22 years, the franchise is bigger than ever. Under the command of Bill Clinton (who did not inhale by the way), the country was slightly prehistoric. The music, however, was danceworthy.


1. UB40- (I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You

Recorded by the British Reggae group UB40 as their first single off album Promises and Lies, this song was at the top of the charts in 1993. After debuting at #100 on the charts, it steadily climbed its way until it reached number 1. Originally recorded by the legendary Elvis Presley, the song has a history of success. Even the A Teens version was catchy on the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack.


2. Silk- Freak Me

One of the most notorious love ballads to date, “Freak Me” is on the list of surefire songs to get you laid. Number 2 on the charts in 1993, but the single can still be heard in clubs across the country. “Let me lick you up and down” seems to only sound appropriate when coming out the mouths of Silk.


3. Janet Jackson- That’s The Way Love Goes

With a Grammy, multiple Billboard Awards and an array of other recognitions, this single off Janet Jackson’s fifth album is just another addition to her successful track list. Seven weeks on the chart was more than enough time for Ms. Jackson’s single to make an impact.


4. Spin Doctors – Two Princes

Hailing from New York City, the Spin Doctors released their most successful single in 1993. While some consider it one of the greatest songs of the 90’s, others put it at the bottom of the list. While it reached various positions on many different charts, overall it was definitely a success.


5. Gabrielle – Dreams

The debut single from the British singer definitely made an impression on the charts. It entered the UK charts at number 2, which, at the time, was the highest ever for a debut single. With record breaking stats, the song was destined for greatness. The dance track made some serious strides in the UK during its stint.


6. SWV – Weak

The unforgettable love ballad was a definite chart-topper. Any old school set is incomplete without at least a few beats from this track. During the week of June 18th, “Weak” was #3 on the charts. Honestly, if they rereleased it today, it would probably hit #1. It’s an obvious classic.


7. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Tease Me

The reggae duo’s most famous single didn’t get past #6 on the charts, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a hit. The dance song could be heard in clubs nationwide, starting even the dullest of parties. Their debut album had six singles, but they were most known for “Tease Me.”


8. Green Jelly – Three Little Pigs

The comedic, yet musical stylings of Green Jelly allowed them to make their way onto the charts for almost a month. With their uniquely sung lyrics, the rock band was definitely taking a risk with this slightly controversial track. The sacrifices some people make for comedic rock music, right?


9. Pet Shop Boys – Can You Forgive Her

Off their album Very, the lead single reached #7 for two weeks on the chart. The dramatic dance ballad chronicles the story of a young man and his girlfriend. I would spoil the ending, but that’s not my style.


10. Tina Turner – I Don’t Wanna Fight

The legendary Tina Turner released one of her many hit records off her album What’s Love Got To Do With It, the soundtrack for her autobiographical film. The single was one of the lead songs for the film, which helped push both the album and the movie.


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