#TBT: June 11, 2004

Mahogany Bullock
Writer. NYC. ECU Grad.

The year is 2004. Ray Charles has just passed, Martha Stewart is mid-trial, and Apple is days away from changing the music game in its entirety with 79 cent songs on iTunes. Yea, things were different. Remember Rugrats and Hey Arnold? Yea, they ended a few days ago. Wipe your tears, because at least that mix CD you just made is filled with some quality music:


1. Yeah, Usher

Honestly, if you were at a function that didn’t play this track, you might have to rethink your entire past. Usher may have not only given us one of the greatest songs of the year, but it also goes down as a classic track at the clubs in the present. Thank you, Usher.


2. Eamon, F*ck It

Peaking at #1, Eamon’s single managed to stay on the Billboard chart for 8 weeks. The sultry R&B track was an instant hit off his debut album, I Don’t Want You Back.


3. Mario Winans, I Don’t Wanna Know

After 16 weeks at #1, you would think people would have gotten sick of this club banger. Enya and P. Diddy (or Puff Daddy, as he was once known) added an undeniable flair to the hit song.


4. Hotel, Cassidy feat. R. Kelly

Produced by award winning producer Swizz Beatz, “Hotel” sat comfortably at #4 on the charts. The mixture of rap and R&B made it a favorite for quite some time.


5. Faithless, Mass Destruction

From Faithless’s fourth album, No Roots, debuted “Mass Destruction.” The single had just a short run at #7 on the chart for one week.


6. Beastie Boys, Ch-Check It Out

Who doesn’t love a good Beastie Boys track? “Ch-Check It Out” was catchy as hell and landed at #8 on the Billboard Chart for a week.


7. Hoobastank, The Reason

Raise your hand if you just had the sudden urge to burst out the lyrics to this classic Hoobastank record. Maybe one of their most famous tracks, “The Reason” debuted at #12 and stayed there for a week before retirement.


8. This Love, Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is no stranger to the Top 100, even now. “This Love” spent 7 weeks on the list in 2004, peaking at #3. I would dare to say this is a slightly legendary single for the band.


9. Christina Milian, Dip It Low

Before she was Lil Wayne’s GF, she was the legendary, sexy pop singer we all loved. “Dip It Low” had a healthy 5 week stint on the Billboard Top 100 chart, making it all the way up to #2.


10. Natasha Bedingfield, Single

The songbird’s single, accurately dubbed “Single,” could be seen on the charts for over a month. It made it up to #3 this year. Her debut song off of the album Unwritten definitely set a positive tone for the rest of her CD.