#TBT: 10 Snacks From The 90s You Didn’t Even Know You Missed Until Now

Colleen Woodward
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Let’s face it. As 20somethings in 2016, our lives are revolved around finding the best beer, pizza, or the latest and greatest juice cleanse (and then just go back to eating pizza) out there. But, what happened to lying on the couch watching “The Wild Thornberrys” while raiding our parents’ pantry full of snacks that we were only supposed to have one of (but really snuck two or three)? What happened to trading those bombass snacks with our friends during lunch (because some of our parents deprived us of sugar and made us have apples instead)?

Well, never fear millennials because we’ve compiled the list of the snacks, candies, and juices from your childhood that you didn’t realize how much you missed. Prepare for the urge to run to your local Walmart (which probably still carries half of these…I hope) after reading this.

1. Dunkaroos


What is better than cookies and frosting? Oh nothing, just when they come in a fun-sized container with an insane looking Kangaroo to present them to you. You can keep all of your Pinterest DIY “Dunkaroos,” I want the blue box.


2. 3D Doritos


Why these were ever discontinued I will never know. But, you knew you were the cool kid at the lunch table if you whipped out one of these bad boys.


3. Fun Dip


Aka packets of sugar that made you bounce off the walls and stained your tongue blue for days — but that’s why they’re FUN.


4. Yoplait Trix Yogurt


Gone are the days when you have that crazy rabbit trying to sell you on these AWESOME yogurts separated into two flavors that you got to swirl together (cotton candy was lit). But yea, no problem, I guess I’ll just stick with my plain Greek yogurt.


5. WarHeads



Remember the contests you had with your friends to see who could last the longest with the most sour warhead? I wish that was still the biggest problem I had (adulting is hard).


6. SqueezeIt Juice


Children of the 90s, let’s all take a moment of silence for the sugar highs and amazing times we had while drinking these.


7. Cosmic Brownies


Little Debbie knew what was good when she created the magic that is found in a Cosmic Brownie box.


8. Gushers


I’m pretty sure the whole “made with real fruit” was false, but I also know I will never care. Can we also talk about this kid who showed up in every Gushers commercial?


9. Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Tape

The gum that usually lasted only a day (at least for me), was filled to the brim with sugar, and always had the best flavors (its name is also Hubba Bubba, so there’s that).


10. Little Hugs Juice


That’s right, the juice from a barrel. You can still most definitely go out and buy these in stores today (in case you were wondering).


11. Minute Maid Juice Bars


I leave you with an old school cafeteria favorite — the juice pop that melted in five seconds but made that “hot” lunch totally worth it.

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