Target x Who What Wear: Our Favorite Items And How To Wear Them

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On January 31, 2016, fashionistas around the globe celebrated the marriage of two amazing entities: Target (a discount retail store/the recipient of my paychecks) and Who What Wear (a fashion-forward digital hub/the source of on-trend style inspiration).

The two officially said “I do” months ago, and the collaboration has been in the works ever since. In January, we were tantalized with sneak peaks of the collection, which tested my patience and got me super excited all at the same time. But the two went public last Sunday, releasing the clothing line to more than 800 Target stores and online shoppers.

When I first heard of this collaboration, I thought to myself, “Yeah, okay… they’ll probably be selling T-shirts for, like, $80.” But to my surprise, the whole line is totally affordable for the average 20something, with all items ringing up at less than $50.

It’s chock-full of versatile basics as well as standout pieces, garnering inspiration from street style around the world. From button-downs and blazers to T-shirts and tunics, the items in this collection have the potential to be the building blocks of your everyday wardrobe.

While scrolling through the whole collection on, a few pieces stood out and were automatically added to my wish list — a striped T-shirt, a patterned pencil skirt and an oversized trench vest.

But, as I always do before making a clothing purchase, I thought to myself: “Would you be able to get your money’s worth if you bought these?”

And the answer for all three items was a resounding yes because, just like every item in the Target x Who What Wear collection, they can be worn for various occasions.

I decided to put my love for outfit styling to the test to see exactly how I could wear these items before actually buying them. With the help of my favorite website,, here’s what I came up with.

1. The All Over Printed Tee – $17.99

Printed Tee


Whoever said horizontal stripes make you look fatter is totally wrong; I think they make you look chicer. Striped T-shirts give off this classic, hassle-free vibe, making them an ideal addition to your wardrobe. For laidback weekend wear, stripes and denim are a match made in fashion heaven. With the help of a little leather and a lot of confidence, you can make the striped tee look dressy enough for when you’re grabbing drinks with friends.

Shop this look here.


2. The Pencil Skirt – $27.99

Pencil Skirt


Maybe it’s the fact that the colors of this skirt are similar to my university’s colors (orange and blue), or maybe it’s the fact that I need to start investing in work clothes for the real world. Either way, this skirt caught my eye and made me think of different ways I could potentially wear it. Pairing it with an unbuttoned denim shirt, plain white V-neck and chunky low heels make it totally wearable outside the office. Wearing it with a structured blazer and dangly earrings gives it a dressier vibe fit for the workplace.

Shop this look here.


3. The Trench Vest, $39.99

Trench Vest


[Insert heart eyes emoji here.] It’s safe to say this shade of green is my favorite shade of all. This long trench vest would make me feel like a wilderness safari expert, in the best way possible. Florals and coral lipstick mix well with the army green color while also toning down the safari-esque vibe. To transform this item for a dressier occasion, a crop top and fun purse will work wonders.

Shop this look here


If these three items don’t tickle your fancy, there are tons of other closet staples and statement-making pieces in this collection. I suggest heading to your nearest Target or shopping online for your favorites before the rest of the fashionistas in your area find out about this dope collab. BRB, spending my entire paycheck at Target. RIP bank account.

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