Talks With 20: Inside Electric Zoo With Flux Pavillion, Borgore and Sam Feldt

Mark Wolf
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Names like Flux Pavilion, Borgore, and Sam Feldt, are thrown around dorm room halls like crushed Corona cans. To the uninitiated, they might seem like peas in a pod, cats in a cradle, or pigs in a blanket: only tasty when you’re drunk.

Far from being the case, all three have found their own unique path to the Wild Island for Electric Zoo. One took a single sick day in seven grueling years of touring, the other is a comic book aficionado, and the third is on a ketogenic diet. Dietary choices aside, there’s more than meet the ear.


Borgore, for example, wasn’t always the booty monsta that he is today. He spoke on his Israeli army service, saying, “I did my three years, like, I paid my dues. I’ve done every single day.” The disciplined, service-oriented Borgore added, “I’m committed. You know, like, seven years of touring, I missed one show because I was sick, one. In my whole fucking seven years.”

He also spoke on the discipline program he had to go through during his time in Israel, saying, “You can put people in discipline system to go help elderly people. Or help the fucking firefighters, help hospitals, help police, help schools.”

After learning about how much effort he poured into helping his community, it’s easy to understand how he can help you turn the fudge up.


Moving on, when Flux Pavilion was talking about “the most cliché interview question of all time”  — advice for new artists — he said:

“So, if you wanna make something of yourself as an artist, dedicate all of your attention and all of your time and all of your passion to making new music really good. And I think that’s a sure fire way of solidifying yourself in a career.”

His laser focus and unrivaled passion are as clear as the sub bass in his bangers.

Speaking on his inspiration, Flux also said, “…I’d say comics [inspire me]. At the moment I’m reading American Vampire, it’s a saga. Fashion wise, I’m a huge Mishka fan.. I’m really into gaming, table type gaming, ball games and miniatures.”

No matter how “broey” or “ravey” some of his fans might be, Flux will always be that cool, competitive nerd that knows how to win.


Leaving the wubs behind, we find Sam Feldt speaking on his early struggles.

“I think my biggest struggle was finding my own sound, so that’s my biggest advice to starting producers.”

Speaking on his DJ sets, he said, “Right now all the tracks I play I enjoy, yeah, that’s also why the name of my brand is HeartFeldt. It’s music that comes from my heart.”

And when it comes to surviving the rigors of tour life, he says, “I’m on a ketogenic diet right now. Being responsible with alcohol is the number one way for producers to have energy to travel from show to show.”

So how will your path look when you trace it back? One thing’s for sure: it’ll be distinctly your own.


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