Tailor-Made Playlists: How To Utilize Spotify To Play Only Music You Love

Evangeline Axiotis
Evangeline Axiotis goes by many nicknames, (mainly inappropriate ones), but most people know her as a music festival junkie. She's currently going through a quarter-life crisis. Her biggest supporter is her dad who constantly reminds her that raving is not a real job - but she hopes to change that soon. She can also recite any Biggie Smalls song by heart.

Discovering new music is the beauty of streaming platforms like Spotify. Over the years they have dedicated teams toward curating playlists and even released a “Discover Weekly” playlist meant to be tailored to each user’s taste in music. But what happens if you feel like your Spotify doesn’t know you at all?

If you’re constantly shuffling through your Discover Weekly and are struggling to find music that you actually like, there are ways to change that, so listen up:


Ditch Discover Weekly and seek out playlists

There are so many curated playlists out there – tons more than what show up on your default home page. You just have to know how to find them. If your friends have better luck with their Spotify accounts, you can always ask for recommendations. Once you know the name of the playlist, you can use the search bar to find it, or you can browse your friends’ playlists to see which ones they are following. If you’re looking for a specific genre, you can use keywords like “hip-hop” or “dance” and related playlists will show up in the search bar. My go to right now is “Coachella 2017 Official Playlist” made by the festival itself, so you know it’s legit.


Follow artists that you like

Did you know you can actually follow artists on Spotify? Following them gives Spotify the hint that you like certain artists and that you probably want to hear more of their music in your recommended playlists. It also gives you a heads up if they release any new music. The best thing about these pages on Spotify is that they give you other related artists. So if you’re on The Weeknd’s page, under related artists you’ll see Miguel, Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko and more. Artists are finding more ways to interact on Spotify like creating their own playlists or Radio shows. They even have their concert dates listed.


Use your mood

The best way to find playlists that are blended is via the “Genres & Moods” tab. Here they have listed out specific genres like “Electronic Chill,” “Electronic Dance,” “House,” “Old School Hip-hop,” but they also have mood playlists like “Relax & Unwind” for when you get home from a long day at the office and “All The Feels” for when you want to channel your emotional side. They even have a “Break up Songs” playlist, so you can get over your ex quicker.


That “+” button is more important than you think

Saving songs to your library doesn’t just allow you to play them later. It’s part of how Spotify monitors which songs you like and it uses your saved songs to make recommendations (aka where they get their cues for Discover Weekly). If you think your top recommended music is too full of Justin Bieber, then you should probably stop saving his songs to your library. Just saying.

Bottom line, sometimes you have to do your part in order for Spotify to really understand who you are and what music you’re thirsty for. With a little bit of effort, you can transform your Spotify from basic to dope.