Taboo Is Trending: The Best Places In NYC For Tattoos And Piercings

One of the season’s newest trends comes in the form of something other than a trendy new handbag, and requires a bit more commitment than you would normally think.

Piercings and tattoos have been considered taboo for decades, however a new day is among us.

Celebrities and models alike are partly to blame for this newfound acceptance of body modifications. The rest of us are catching on quickly. Kendall Jenner made headlines recently when she was photographed wearing a dress that showed off her nipple piercing while Cara Delevingne admitted to having a tattoo obsession, being a frequent customer at Bang Bang, right here in NYC.

As a personal fan of tattoos and piercings, I can’t wait to head out and get my first New York City tattoo and piercing.


If you’re feeling brave and are ready to get inked, here are a few NYC places to try out:

Bang Bang Tattoo

From Justin Bieber to Rihanna, Bang Bang is a celeb favorite when it comes to getting tattoos in NYC.

Location: 328 Broome St.


Adorned NY

You can have all your piercing dreams fulfilled here by Colby who specializes in interesting piercings that make you go OW! (in a good way)

Location: 47 2nd Ave.


Greenpoint Tattoo Co.

If you’re looking to get some traditional style tattoos done, Jason’s your guy.

Location: 131 Meserole Ave.


Daredevil Tattoo

They just recently opened a museum of tattoo history, which features some very interesting and historical artwork.

Location: 141 Division St.

Eastside Ink

Regretting that silly tattoo you thought would be a really good idea to get back in 2012? Not to worry! Eastside Ink has its own in-house laser tattoo removal service for all your tattoo removing needs. If you want a tattoo for keep too, they have some artists that will hook you up.

Location: 97 Avenue B.

Whether it’s a tattoo or piercing that you’ve always wanted, now is the time to cross it off your bucket list because remember, YOLO. And what better way to enjoy and embrace the new addition than in your 20s.

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