Survival Kit: How To Make The Most Out Of Coachella Weekend Two

Lindsey Washington
Lindsey Washington aka lindsanity to her friends can either be found roaming the city looking for shade or out with friends throwing shade. She is currently trying to work on her obsession with Lil Wayne and accepting the fact that they will probably never get married, also Drake.

For all of you rage bunnies out there who are going for round two of Coachella this weekend and have no idea what to expect, or those who went last weekend and experienced a total shit show — have no fear. As someone who was a Coachella rookie last year, I get it.

Since I managed to survive this three day rage-fest, I would like to pass along my knowledge to so you too can be fully prepared and make the most out of your weekend.

And trust me, if you can make it in the desert, any other music festival will be breeze in comparison.


1. Be prepared for the beauty. 

First of all, Palm Springs is pretty. Like really, really pretty. Almost unreal. And while it may be  a pain to get to, it’s totally worth it.

coachella p2


2. Make sure your phone is charged.

And that you have lots of memory. Annnd an extra charger (or two). You’re going to want to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Tweet everything.

** A small side note — you will get NO service in the desert, so make sure you come up with meeting spots and emergency plans in case one of your friends goes rogue.


3. This house is not a home.

As soon as you get your tickets, get a house (preferably with a pool). That is, of course, unless you like camping during dust storms and sleeping on the ground. Fun!!

Assuming you don’t, gather 12 of your closest friends and hit up Airbnb (there’s still time!). Remember, the desert is hot AF during the day and artic tundra during the night, so you’d really rather be inside a nice cozy house with a sofa and a bed instead of huddling inside a sleeping bag for warmth.

Plus, after a long day of raging who doesn’t want to come home, take a shower (you will have sand everywhere no matter how hard you try not to) and settle down with a nice cup of easy mac?

Try to get to your room a day early so you can set up all of your party essentials, iron your clothes and apply flash tats.


4. Get in Formation.

Remember, this is not only a music festival, but a giant runway as well; your outfits will need to be on point.

My suggestion is to go with something small that you don’t mind getting dirty. Let’s not forget you are in the dessert where temperatures regularly go above 100 degrees and dust storms are not an uncommon occurrence.

So, despite your love for rompers, I would advise against it. Porta potty explosions are not an uncommon occurrence either, and you never know when nature may call – you could be drunk and/or a lil’ high and you will have no patience to take off a romper. Best to go with something you can slip on and off — easy and breezy.

** Lucky for you, there’s still time to stalk all of the pictures from last weekend’s events-aka steal outfit ideas.**


5. Download the Coachella app.

This way you’ll know what’s happening and where. It may seem cheesy, but you’ll be grateful later. The venue is huge, there are a ton of stages and you will get lost and confused.

coachella app


6. Plan ahead giving yourself time to recover. 

If you are from the East Coast like me, you will probably need to take at least 2 days off when you get back. You will have a hard time not only readjusting to the time difference, but the weather as well.

The day I flew back to New York from Coachella it was rainy and 30 degrees. Safe to say I was not a happy camper. I was sick, jetlagged and exhausted. But I will say – taking a red eye flight was very helpful. Not only can you sleep on the flight back, but then you can be home and sleep all day.


7. Eat and drink. A lot. 

Drink orange juice, Gatorade, Vitamin water, whatever — just hydrate yourself. Also don’t forget to eat, I know it sounds trivial but 2 years ago my roommates returned and realized all they had eaten all weekend was a Cliff bar, a slice of pizza, and some trail mix. You won’t survive the weekend without food, and if you’ve seen the epic meals Coachella has been pulling out this year, you definitely won’t want to miss out.


8. Prepare yourself for Coachella withdrawals. 

From the weather to the ambiance, the people to the cheap price of an In n’ Out burger, the scenic palm trees to the fresh air, and well, just everything.

coachella p1

Symptoms of Coachella withdrawal include, but are not limited to, stalking social media for information regarding next years’ sets, re-listening to all your favorite sets on SoundCloud, wearing your wristbands for weeks after the festival has ended, dropping Coachella into every other sentence, and excessive napping. The cure? Time.


Godspeed, my ragers, and while you’re out there surviving this epic festival, don’t forget the most important survival tip of all — have a good fu***** time!