Style Essentials For Your Upcoming Camping Trip

Cara Kovacs
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What’s better during the summer in the city than to leave it? Just a short ride on the Metro North or a hop in a Zipcar can transport you to the picturesque hiking trails of the Catskills and the Hudson Valley, or the rocky outskirts of Pennsylvania.

While a great experience, getting back in touch with nature doesn’t mean compromising you have to compromise your killer sense of style. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful packing list to keep your sporty looks on point.


1. Leggings



  • You don’t need to drop $100 on yoga pants to look chic while you are climbing through the mountains. Forever 21’s new workout line comes in cool prints like sunsets and landscapes, and won’t break the bank at around $30 per piece. Whether you’re sporting Lululemon or Target, cute workout clothes will make you feel hot while you get your sweat on!


2. Backpacks and Fanny packs

  • Backpacks and fanny packs are so trendy right now. Pick up one in a fun color or texture to carry everything from your water to your first aid to a set of portable speakers.


3. Water Bottle

  • A refillable economically sustainable water bottle, like these from Bobble or Swell are a hiking necessity. Dehydration is not cute.


4. Tents Fit For Glamping

  • “Glamping” is the new camping, and that means packing an air mattress and some awesome camping hacks, because even if you give up (gasp) WiFi, doesn’t mean you have to rough it.


5. Bug Spray

  • Bug spray. Seriously, everyone who forgets this will be kicking themselves. This is probably the single most important item to have on a camping trip.


6. Sneakers



  • Sneakers that are as functional as they are cute. Let me tell you from experience, the person who looks the most stupid on the trail is the one wearing the flip-flops.