Stop Spending Money On Manicures: Spray On Nail Polish Is Here

Stevi Incremona
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This morning I was innocently browsing the interwebs, when I happened to come across a new ad for a spray on nail polish and nearly spit out my coffee. A freaking spray on nail polish. Your thought might be, “how lazy are we?” My thought is, “how lazy can we now be?”

I honestly don’t think I’ve been so excited for a product I want to put on my paws since I learned about peel-off Tinkerbell nail polish as a small tot. If this product works, nothing will ever be the same again. Shut up, I’m not being dramatic. Manicures will become a joke of the past because we’ll have flawless talons that we’ve done ourselves in actual seconds.

What is NAILSInc. and how can I get my hands on it:

NAILSInc. is launching a product called “The Paint Can” on November 12. It’s the world’s first spray on nail polish. It’s basically an aerosol can that’s filled with nail varnish that attaches to nails, but does not adhere to skin. You first use the brand’s basecoat, then spray the can at your fingernails for 20 seconds. Once it’s dried, you follow up with a top coat. When all that’s done you’ll look like you are a nursery school child who’s gotten carried away with finger painting (~~those were the days~~).

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This mess is apparently remedied by casually washing your hands in soap and water. The company claims that the polish on your hands and cuticles will wash right off without struggle. And if you’re feeling extraordinarily lazy, you can wipe it off with a makeup removing wipe. Each can of polish will set you back about $11 dollars. I remain equal parts embarrassingly excited and wildly skeptical. This all seems to good to be true, but I’ve got my temporarily unmanicured fingers crossed. Check this teaser video on NAILSInc. Instagram to see what all the fuss is about!

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