Stages Of Sorority Recruitment As Told By Gifs

Taryn Bray
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Sorority recruitment can be rough. Long days accompanied by losing your voice after talking to 800 people you’ll prob never see again in the short span of five days—doesn’t sound like fun. But trust me, it will be worth every fake smile and forced cup of water you can possibly muster. Whether you go AOPi, DPhiE, Zeta, some other greek letter organization, or GDI, all a y’all can relate to this.

Stages of recruitment as told by GIFS:

You gotta look good every second of every day. By the end, you’ll never want to wear makeup ever again:

toddlers and tiaras animated GIF


You’re constantly scopin’ out the competition:

awkward animated GIF


You walk into the first house like:

nervous animated GIF


But eventually start walking into houses like:


When you think everything is going great but then a house drops you:

whatever animated GIF


When you’re sick of having the same conversation over and over again:

fail animated GIF


But then you finally have an awesome conversation:

The Comeback HBO animated GIF


After a week of hell, you can finally open your bid card and there starts the beginning to the best years of your life:

excited animated GIF