8 Celebrities Who’ve Had Ghostly Encounters

Christina Mosti
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Stars! They’re just like us! They go grocery shopping, they pump gas, they eat at McDonald’s and they’re…terrified of ghosts?

Plenty of stars have confessed to having unexplained encounters with the paranormal, ranging from the weird-but-pleasant, to straight up scary movie material. These eight celebrities shared their ghost stories, proving that if ghosts are real, they don’t discriminate when it comes to haunting.


1. Ariana Grande

Sure, with her high ponytail and big eyes, Ariana looks positively angelic. But to hear Ariana tell it, she’s had way more experience with demons. Back in 2013, she told Complex magazine that on a trip to Kansas City, she and a few friends wanted to visit Stull Cemetery, which also apparently doubles as a portal to hell. However, on the way, she claims she noticed the smell of sulfur and a buzzing fly- which, as all Exorcist fans know, equals demons. The crew sped out of there, but not before Ariana took a picture, which she says had three demonic faces in it. And when she tried to send the photo to people, it wouldn’t send because it was 666 megabytes. Weird stuff kept happening, so she deleted it. Now she’s had 666 less problems without the picture.



2. Miley Cyrus

Miley actually lived out a real life horror movie when she moved into a flat in London. In an interview with Elle UK, she revealed she actually had to flee the flat and move after the paranormal activity got to be too much! She said she had visions of a little boy in the sink, and this ghostly little boy wasn’t exactly benevolent — he terrorized her little sister, too. When her sister was in the middle of a shower, the water suddenly became scalding hot, burning her. After that, the sisters found out that the flat used to belong to a baker and his family, who all died at various points in the house. Mean ghost boy in the bathroom? Yup, time to move.



3. Megan Fox

Megan Fox has devoted plenty of interviews talking about her love of the macabre. She believes wholeheartedly in aliens, Bigfoot, and plenty of other myths, so of course she’s a die-hard believer in ghosts, too. According to an interview with MTV back in 2014, she now has the tale to back her belief up. She shared a story from a recent stay in Mexico, where she woke up at 7 a.m. to the sound of room service walking around her hotel room and pouring coffee. She fell back asleep, only to be awaken later by room service pouring coffee-again. However, they told her it was the first time they’d been there that morning. Maybe it was just a dream, but Megan’s nanny told her she also woke up at 7 that morning to the sound of room service. Hmm, spooky, but it’s hard to complain about a ghost who just wants to pour you coffee.



4. Matthew McConaughey  

Matthew used a unique strategy to befriend an elderly ghost who he claims haunted his Hollywood home — nudity. He believes the ghost, apparently named “Madame Blue,” was very peaceful following their first encounter when the star went to investigate a strange noise in the nude. Looks like Matthew McConaughey’s sex appeal manages to transcend the physical realm.



5. Ke$ha  

Good ol’ Ke$ha, always keeping it weird for us. Back in 2012, the pop star revealed that she did more than just see a ghost. She had sex with it, which actually inspired her song “Supernatural.” While living in Rural Canyon, Ke$ha describes a strange energy that lived in the house and would wake her up in the middle of the night. It then progressed into a “dark, sexual spirit” She says, “It did scare me, but that’s part of the fun of it.” Whether it’s true or simply the supernatural equivalent to “I do have a boyfriend he just goes to another school!!” I guess we’ll never know.



6. Taylor Momsen

Like Ariana, ‘Little J’ claims to have photo evidence of a ghost she encountered next door to her mother’s home in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, according to People. The “Gossip Girl” star claims that after her mother’s wealthy neighbor passed away, she went ghost hunting and was able to speak with her. She says she captured the ghost in two photographs, one with a hand on a typewriter and another of her body in a window. I’m theorizing that the ghost may have felt particularly comfortable communicating with Taylor, as the dark eye makeup and disconcerting pallor may have confused it into thinking she was a ghost, too.



7. Demi Lovato

In 2013, Demi told BuzzFeed about the alleged haunting in her Texas home. Like several other stars on the list, Demi wasn’t afraid of the spiritual guest. Instead, she refers to the young female ghost as “playful.” She believes the ghost’s name is Emily, which was confirmed by the mediums and ghost hunters she’s had investigate. She describes encountering the young spirit in her closet, and even spending time with her. At three years old, her mother asked who she was talking to, to which Demi responded “My best friend Emily.”



8. Hillary Clinton

Our girl Hilldog may be having some issues coming off as relatable to young voters, but I’m pretty sure this would be a nonissue if everyone knew about her supernatural encounter. Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward claims Hillary made contact with the dead during a “séance-like ceremony” during her time as FLOTUS. Apparently Jean Houston, a “spiritual adviser” came to the White House to help Hillary channel her idol, Eleanor Roosevelt. The presidential-hopeful reportedly even spoke as Mrs. Roosevelt at one point, saying (in her voice), “I was misunderstood.” NOPE.



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