#SoundsLikeTchami: The Perfect Playlist To Get You Through Hump Day

Sofia Pack
Sofia is currently pursuing her parent's dream of getting a business degree at Florida State. When not mistaken for being Asian, she frequently finds herself tweeting politically outspoken comments, trying to be be as non-basic on Instagram as possible, stalking DJs on Soundcloud and finishing 25 hour-long episodes on Netflix in 24 hours.

Some may know him as dude who spins with the gospel choir, others may know him by his silhouette, maybe as one of pioneers of the future house sub-genre, but most know him by his mononymous persona: Tchami.

Whether he is traveling the Western Hemisphere on his North American Prophecy Tour or continent-hopping to virtually every festival who’s lucky enough to book him, Tchami is proving to any and every #deephaus connoisseur who will listen that he is a force to be reckoned with. The French DJ stands out production-wise with his traditional samples combined with the bassiest of beats, while his versatility never ceases to amaze old fans and new listeners.

Hats off to you, Tchami. Here’s an hour dedicated to your sound.

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