#SoundsLikeIllenium: 16 Songs All You ‘Illenials’ Will Love

Sofia Pack
Sofia is currently pursuing her parent's dream of getting a business degree at Florida State. When not mistaken for being Asian, she frequently finds herself tweeting politically outspoken comments, trying to be be as non-basic on Instagram as possible, stalking DJs on Soundcloud and finishing 25 hour-long episodes on Netflix in 24 hours.


Nick Miller, better known as Illenium.

If you search him on Soundcloud, you’ll come across debut album. Ashes, which reach #1 on the iTunes Electronic charts and his 71.8 million played remix of “Don’t Let Me Down.”

If you listen to his music, there is a 99.9 percent chance you will feel the same way as me and his devout fan base, the Illenials.

If you had to compare him to someone, you would find yourself stumped because he is simply incomparable.

Illenium is a product of the greatest melodic producers. If Porter Robinson, Bassnectar, and ODESZA had a baby, it would be Illenium. He has the ability to provoke an emotion I have still yet to figure out through immersive melodic experience that grasps all attention and leaves anyone listening in awe.

More artists and producers should strive for this emotional experience. Here is an hour dedicated to it.