#SoundsLikeBenHoward: The Only Driving Playlist You’ll Ever Need

There’s nothing quite like playing the perfect song during a beautiful long car ride. Picture this; the music’s blaring (max level), hair blowing due to the windows being down (you’re like a model), you got a one hand feel on the steering wheel (okay now I sound like a Taylor Swift song circa 07’), and the sun’s starting to set (classic), and honestly, for a moment, your life feels like a movie.

I mean nothing’s better, right? And no better time to be super melodramatic about your life than a long drive, right?


No but for real — there’s something special about matching a song to your mood during a car ride. Listening to music in cars is a completely different experience compared to listening to music with headphones. For me personally, I always like to match different songs according to how I feel during a drive, due to the fact I’m about to be loudly belting the lyrics all ride long, something you can’t necessarily do when in public listening to music with headphones (I mean you can- you do you).

Anyways, the music is a very vital part of this transit experience. So since the holiday season is quickly approaching, a lot of us will be venturing back home, which means long car rides are in our futures. So let me help you help your ears while you sit back relax, and drive along to these jams.



This playlist #SoundslikeBenHoward so get ready to get in your #feels as you drive on and star in your own major motion film.