It’s Not Just The Boys: 8 Ways To Recognize A Fuckgirl Real Quick

Maria Ying
24-year-old Rutgers graduate. Born and raised in Disturbia, Surburbia. Writing about anything and everything. Let's get weird.

Let’s cut the sexism and shit; girls can exude just as much fuckery as boys can. Although “fuckgirls” are harder to spot than the fuckboys (snapbacks, tall socks, joggers, and Nikes), so I decided to address the responses to my previous piece on fuckboys. Yes, fuckgirls absolutely exist and have for some time now under different names such as: succubus, cold-hearted bitch, black widow, or in layman terms – hoe. They loom out there in the abyss of flavored-vodka (gag) and Instagram selfies.

Urban Dictionary defines “Fuckgirl” as:

Someone who acts like a fuckboy but instead of asking for nudes, will string boys along and use them.

A girl who thinks she’s hot shit and attempts to show it without trying.

Extremely unreadable and messes with guys heads.

Shows no emotion to a guy that cares but falls in love with guys that just want to bang and bail.


Just like the way honey badger doesn’t give a shit, neither do fuckgirls. Similar to fuckboys, fuckgirls are allergic to relationships, and cannot stand being tied down. They are equally as shameless as fuckboys, and talk to multiple people at once — all named Bae. These chicks lead you on for what seems like ages, especially when you’re deep in the friend zone. They are never looking for anything more than a fuck. Here are eight different ways to spot a fuckgirl.

1. Religiously using Snapchat

Fuckgirls love Snapchat. How else would they fire out the mass selfies? Bae #2  through Bae #10 are all staring at the same picture and yes, they all agree, she does have a nice rack.



2. An Instagram “Model”

Fuck-humans are all narcissistic, but fuckgirls in particular like to use their appearance to advertise for companies, often with some kind of code in their bio or captions. This eventually results in rows and rows and rows of selfies. They can also be self-proclaimed makeup/fashion gurus.



3. Huge flirt

Fuckgirls crave attention — any kind of attention. They flirt with guys they have no intention of sleeping with just to get a free drink, or sometimes for no reason at all. Just because they can.



4. “Bad Bitch” syndrome

Some fuckgirls think they are oh so bad. They profanely overuse the devil emoji and post dark/edgy selfies to showcase how bad they are. Newsflash, a real bad bitch doesn’t show, they just are.



5. Serial daters

Fuckgirls will go on dates for the sole purpose of gaining something from it. Whether they are getting a free dinner, drinks, or even just filling some time because they’re bored, fuckgirls don’t care — it’s all about what they can get out of it.



6. Bragging rights

Fuckgirls gloat over the boys that they lead on and the suckers that fall for their antics. They constantly make fun of them to their friends to show just how meaningless they are.



7. Master manipulators

They give you just enough to think that maybe this could go somewhere, but then something always happens, and the cycle repeats. So, for all of the hopeless romantics out there, be cautious — a fuckgirl will stomp all over your hopes and dreams of a relationship.



8. Fear of catching feelings

Fuckgirls are desperately afraid of commitment, like pussycats to water. Once they start feeling turned off by your sad puppy dog eyes, the idea of ghosting you has already begun to unfold in her head.