So Mad, It May Just Work: The Mad Queen ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory

Maria Ying
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HBO’s award-winning television series “Game of Thrones” wasted no time unfolding explosive events catalyzed in previous seasons. Unlike the show’s typical style of dragging out story lines and creating pain-staking details of importance, season seven has already been riddled with major events. On last Sunday’s episode (yes, there will be spoilers so stop reading now if you’re not caught up) “The Queen’s Justice” the long-awaited meeting of Jon Snow and Daenarys Targaryen took place.

When Daenarys and Jon Snow met, she was uncharacteristically cold and hostile. Daenarys demanded Jon to bend the knee while Jon brought up her father’s crime, including murdering members of the Stark family. We are again reminded of the bloodshed caused by the Mad King during the Targaryen dynasty. With a reputation as a compassionate ruler, the viewer is thrown off and faced with the question, “Is Daenarys going mad?” However, the portrayal of Daenarys, a true champion of the realm, does not support the idea of her succumbing to the Targaryen madness.

In season five, a flashback showed Maggy, a woods witch and reputable fortune teller, predict Cersei will be cast down by a younger and more beautiful queen who will take all she holds dear. With her children dead, the thing Cersei holds most dear is the Iron Throne. Since Maggy’s premonitions have so far proven to be true, it is safe to assume that Cersei’s reign of terror will not last long and she will be defeated, but how?


What if the show’s portrayal of a hostile Daenarys is to insinuate or bait the viewer into believing she is going mad when it is in fact Cersei going mad? Cersei’s background shows she has always been cruel; tormenting Tyrion in his crib as a child, plotting and succeeding in killing her husband, and the cruelest of all, blowing up the Sept of Baelor.



In contrast, Daenarys has always been shown to think about others. While Cersei chose to murder hundreds of innocent people by blowing up the Sept for personal gains, Daenarys refused to listen to her advisers in storming King’s Landing for a quick victory. Daenarys placed the lives of the small-folk over her own desires. I predict that in the end, it will be Jaime Lannister who will murder Cersei for the greater good, leaving the Iron Throne open for Daenarys.

Cersei no longer shows any capacity for human decency. She is now open about her incestuous and sexual relationship with her brother, no longer caring to keep her relationship with Jaime a secret. After a night of sleeping together, Jaime laid in Cersei’s bed when someone knocked on the door. Cersei donned a robe to answered the door.

“What are you doing? No one can see us like this,” Jaime said as Cersei opened the door to a staff member. Jaime was visibly embarrassed. The staff member informed the queen Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank has arrived.

“Good and we’ll need fresh sheets for the bed,” Cersei replied.

A pivotal scene was the capture of Ellaria Sand and her daughter Tyene. Cersei imprisoned the mother and daughter in the dungeons under the Red Keep and has them chained and gagged. Cersei asked Ellaria why she took her only daughter from her. In a rare moment, Cersei is vulnerable. Her eyes glazed over with tears, but in true Cersei form, she recovered and doesn’t shed a single tear.

The series shows Cersei becoming numb. She visibly and publicly mourned Joffrey’s death, but barely wasted any time mourning for the deaths of her other children. Cersei avenged her daughter’s death by kissing Tyene with the very same poison used to kill Myrcella. Cersei told Ellaria that Tyene will slowly die as she watches. The queen added Ellaria will then watch Tyene’s body decompose until it is nothing but a pile of bones. With all of Cersei’s children dead, the last shred of her humanity has died with them.


Another important scene is between Olenna Tyrell and Jaime. Olenna accepted the end of House Tyrell and had one last conversation with Jaime. Olenna warned Jaime about Cersei’s monstrous ways. She said his sister is the disease on the realm. Jaime doesn’t accept or deny the charge, but claimed when the war is over and there is peace, people will not be ringing their hats over the way she built her kingdom.

Jaime truly believes Cersei’s cruel nature will end once they defeat all the enemies of the crown. He also goes out of his way to convince Cersei to kill Olenna in a more humane way instead of Cersei’s suggestions of whipping Olenna through the streets and beheading her in public or flaying her alive and hanging her from the walls of King’s Landing. Thanks to Jaime, the Queen of Thorns died a painless death.


The scene is particularly important because it shows Jaime’s character. Jaime is infamously known in the seven kingdoms as King Slayer for murdering the Mad King. However, his decision to murder someone he swore to protect was to save the lives of all the people in King’s Landing from wildfire. While it is hard to muster sympathy for Cersei, the show chooses to humanize him in many ways. Jaime has shown his compassion in his relationships with Tyrion, Cersei, Myrcella and Brienne. In season six’s finale, Jaime was seen shocked at Cersei’s capability of destruction and cruelty when she blew up the Sept.

Cersei’s impulsiveness and recklessness is spiraling out of control. Despite this past Sunday’s episode to insinuate Daenarys going mad, I believe it is Cersei who will become the Mad Queen. Cersei would never let her guard down except around Jaime.

Will Jaime be forced to once again betray someone he has sworn to protect? He has also betrayed Cersei in the past when he saved the life of their brother, Tyrion. One thing is certain, with Cersei on the Iron Throne, many will die.