So Long, Farewell: 5 Overly Bizarre Style Lessons We Should Leave In 2016

Ah, 2016. Where do I even begin? There’s no debating it, this year was pretty traumatizing for just about everyone. We lost David Bowie and Carrie Fisher, said goodbye to President Obama, missed out on the opportunity to elect our country’s first ever female president, and to top it all off, had to endure some of the worst trends of 2016. It’s like at some point in the year, we all decided to collectively throw in the towel and say f*** it to literally everything.

But amongst some of the biggest tragedies of 2016 were the dozens of fashion faux pas and beauty fails that seemed to somehow continuously make their way onto our social media feeds, trying desperately to convince us they were the next big thing. But being the smart little cookie that I am, I can proudly announce that I saw these overly-hyped trends for what they really were (ok, I might have tried one or two crazy nail trends).

Nevertheless, we’re at the start of a new year and it’s not too late to learn from our mistakes. So instead of continuing to pretend like some of these trends weren’t some of the worst you’ve ever seen, let’s all take a deep breathe and be honest with ourselves — fur slippers and denim thigh-high boots are NOT and will NEVER be cute. (Sorry, Kim K.) But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, and there were plenty of other trends that I personally think should stay in 2016, locked in a cage with the key hidden under ten pounds of volcanic lava.

1. Insane nail art

I get the appeal of wanting your nails to look unique and eccentric, but there are times where we just have to draw the line. For some reason, someone decided that painting 100 layers of nail polish on your nails was a good idea, and before we knew it, this bizarre trend was all over social media. And this was only one of the tamer nail art trends. There was also aquarium nails (exactly what it sounds like) and one beauty blogger even painted her nails with chocolate icing. Personally, I’m just happy with a nail polish that won’t chip.


2. Denim thigh high boots 

#Ad Back at it in the Hamptons with @Revolve #RevolveInTheHamptons

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While I’m all for the thigh high boot, I am not a fan of wearing boots that look like your denim jeans and your shoe closet had a baby. While I love most denim pieces, it’s a textile that just doesn’t belong on accessories.


3. T-shirts under dresses

5 XL t-shirt and @the_attico – That's the way

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This was cute for about a month, and then it started becoming every girl with a Pinterest’s go-to outfit for doing pretty much any activity. Maybe if there had been some sort of variation to this trend (aside from the plain white T-shirt over spaghetti-strap look), it could’ve worked. Nonetheless, his is one look I’m OK with leaving in 2016 (or the 90s for that matter).


3. Furry slip-ons

Kickin it in #Gucci furs for him & her ? #relationshipgoals

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Look, before you roll your eyes at me, you should know that I desperately WANTED to love those Gucci fur-slip ons with every ounce of my being. I mean they practically scream luxury. Sadly, I couldn’t wrap my head around WHY anyone would want to wear these anywhere but their homes, and couldn’t justify the almost four figure price tag no matter how much I tried. Unless you’re the honorable Scott Disick, these fur slippers are a little much for everyday use.


5. Overpriced tour merch

Between Kanye and Justin Bieber, 2016 was the year of the merch. Saint Pablo long-sleeves and Purpose tour tees were being sold for upwards of $50 or more, but these prices didn’t stop people from purchasing them to the point that they sold out in minutes. As cool as it was to see people supporting artists and music in general, too many people bought into the hype and now Beacon’s Closet is selling what were once $50 T-shirts for $20 (what they should’ve cost in the first place). Congratulations, we played ourselves.


Hopefully we’ve said goodbye to the aforementioned trends and can move on to better things, but like I said before, 2016 was weird and by the looks of it, 2017 is probably going to be even weirder, so who knows what we should expect. Fingers crossed it just won’t involve anymore denim on shoes.

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