Makeup Artist Reveals Surprising Benefits Of Using Lash Primer

Arielle Benasillo
Arielle Benasillo is a 23 year old New Yorker who's passion for makeup is real. Growing up with both parents as hair stylists, the skill ran in the family. She recently graduated from Make Up Forever Academy New York certifying her in beauty & fashion, theatrical, special effects makeup and body painting. Arielle is now a freelance makeup artist working on photo shoots, weddings and events, as well as being employed at Salon S for makeup artistry. On her free time she enjoys traveling, being outdoors, froyo night with her roommates, and taking advantage of bottomless brunch in Manhattan with friends.

Lash primer is myyyy thing right now. I started using lash primer about three months ago, and it is one thing I will never skip on my clients ever again! I know right now you’re thinking, “Another product that I need to prep and prime my face with, really?” Yes, really. You need it. Personally, I almost always skip the skin primer, but lash primer is a must. I’ll explain why:

Why you need this base on your lashes:

Primer is the first coat on your lashes. It gives you a base to build on. So, I’m a believer that this is way less harsh on the lashes because this will allow you so apply significantly less coats than mascara alone. Too many coat on your lashes can cause them to become flaky and spider-like.

Lash primer is nourishing to the lashes, and it will give you long term benefits such as conditioning and strengthening your lashes. Without primer, your lashes can become brittle and sparse, especially if you like to really coat it on.

How to apply lash primer:

Apply lash primer to same way you do for mascara. If you curl your lashes with one of those genius contraptions, then the order for you goes: curl, prime, mascara. Make sure that you apply your mascara while lashes are still wet from the primer. Most lash primers are white, so you also want to make sure you didn’t miss any spots. And bam, you got the closest thing to falsies yet!

I haven’t tried out very many lash primers yet because I’ve only just accepted it as a beauty necessity. But I am, of course, going to share the ones I’ve tried and recommend! All lash primers essentially serve the same purpose, but I’ll explain the benefits and what to expect with each option.

For those with lash breakage: Clinique Lash Building Primer ($15.50)



Clinique is always ophthalmologist-tested, so this is always a good one for sensitive eyes. For those with dry and brittle lashes and those who have breakage, this is a prime choice.

For the total package: Lancome Cils Booster XL Enhancing Mascara Base ($25)

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.53.51 PM

This is my go-to lash primer, as well as being the top pick for many other makeup artists. Its amazing formula makes your lashes look bigger and better than you ever thought possible. This primer is infused with microfibers and Vitamin E, so it leaves a super smooth coat on your lashes as well as thickening and lengthening them.

For the long haul: Smashbox Layer Lash Primer ($19)


All of these mascaras will help you in the long run, however the Smashbox lash primer contains panthenol, which is a conditioning and strengthening ingredient. It’s one of those products that are working as you wear it. Gotta love that.