Slothful Style: A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Looking Her Best This Fall

Megan Kowalchuk
My name is Megan Kowalchuk. I was born in Parkslope, Brooklyn; and spent my life living between South Florida and New York. Currently residing in South Florida it provides me with a truly unique sense of life. Fashion and beauty are my first love, especially experimenting with different styles and products. Celebrity style, head- turning fashion trends and standout beauty products are my passion. I’ve attended various runway shows at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week and have tested hundreds of beauty products on the market to find the best. My previous experience includes working as a Corporate Sales Representative for a Fashion Company in New York City called ByDesign. ByDesign specialized in the product development and sales for junior sweaters and knits. Some of the accounts we worked with include Macy's, Pacsun, Target, Lord & Taylor, etc. Market research was always one of my favorite task on the job, I was responsible for spending countless hours hunting for new styles and everything fashion related. This included exploring top department stores to see the latest products on the floor and analyzing the looks on the street to help predict the future trends that would evolve. G9C fashion was another company I worked with, it was a local startup company that manufactured clothes in Brooklyn and Peru. While there I worked alongside with the owner and designer to help create look-book styles and merchandise the products. I’ve also interned with the luxury brand Belstaff, I coordinated samples to send for different magazines including Vogue, Interview and New York Times, while helping PR with celebrity gifting orders for celebrities like David Beckham and Adam Levine. A lover of travel and different cultures, I first earned a Bachelors degree in Business from Florida Atlantic University and then went on to study abroad in cities such as Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain. My formal education and personal experiences have shaped me into the writer I am today.

This season is all about layering different colors, textures and prints. It’s about having fun with your outfit while making sure you stay comfortable and cozy for the unpredictable weather that comes with this time of the year.

PSA: I present to you, the “Lazy Girl’s Guide” on how to totally rock your wardrobe this fall.

Patterns and prints to spruce up your outfit game

While patterns and prints make some people nervous, they are an excellent resource to use when trying to spice up your outfit. Some recently trending pattern and prints include checkers, plaids, dark winter florals, reptile motifs, abstract scribble prints, graphic pop art prints — the list goes on and on. I can barely catch my breathe over it! When putting together your ensemble, I encourage you to jump right in with these patterns, but remember: balance is key. Make sure the patterns work well with the rest of your outfit.


Flares and culottes to make a bold statement with pants

Flares and culottes are bottoms that are sure to make a statement. Culottes should be rocked with a sleek shirt simply tucked in, paired perfectly with a pair of heels. For a comfy day, try tuxedo shoes and flat booties. The flares are a bit more flexible; they look awesome with a refined cardigan or a loose and slouchy lightweight sweater.


Chunky knits, long blazers and dyed furs are a must have for the season

Why? Well, because looking stylish is important, but staying warm is essential. Colorful furs (both real and faux) add a bold pop that will liven up any outfit. Furs can instantly glamorize a casual outfit. Playful furs are also popular amongst the accessories this season.


Whimsical bags to add personality to your outfit

Whimsical bags are are also a way to standout from the crowd. They have arrived in a variety of shapes and materials including lux fur, exotic prints, metallic and funky animal designs.


Minimally designed statement pieces are a timeless trend

They continue to carry over. Skinny scarves are the new perfect way to accent an outfit, especially in a contrasting color or print.


Chicos Luminous Skinny Ash Scarf


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Thigh-high boots for a simple way to look seductive while keeping your legs toasty

They can instantly elevate a basic outfit to the next level. The combination of over-the-knee boots and a long-sleeved sweater dress creates a subtle allure while revealing just the perfect amount of skin.


Remember, layering and balance are key. For colder temperatures, my motto is “the more clothes, the better!”