Seinfeld Fans Rejoice! Experience Jerry’s Apartment This Weekend In NYC

Brandon Snively
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Attention all Seinfeld fans: The time has come. There is finally an old pop-up set of Jerry’s fictional apartment.

For those who recall last year, Friends fans went absolutely insane when a mock-up café of the infamous Central Perk, known as the main hangout spot for the characters on the show, went up in New York City. Now, one of the most popular shows of the ‘90s (and garnered as one of the best TV shows in history) is giving its fans a chance to experience Jerry’s apartment in New York City for one weekend.

All of this hype came after Hulu released all 180 episodes of the sitcom on June 24. The Seinfeld stage set up will include Jerry’s apartment, Kramer’s door to Apt. 5B, the Pez dispenser, Puddy’s (Elaine’s ex-boyfriend and also the voice of Joe on Family Guy) NJ Devils shirt, and several more items that were featured in the show, according to Yahoo News.

Like Friends, fans can also visit the Seinfeld crew’s fictional hangout location at the Monk’s Café, where you can also find the booth the characters always used to sit in. Fun fact: in the TV show, the exterior picture of Monk’s is called Tom’s Restaurant, which is a real eatery on West 112th Street and Broadway.

So, if you’re looking for something quick and cool to do this weekend in NYC, head on over to Milk Studios, located at 451 West 14st St., right by the High Line, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., and don’t worry, admission is free. Act fast though! This pop-up isn’t a month long like the Central Perk mock café from Friends. This set re-creation will only be open until Sunday evening.


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