Seduced By Sound: How All 5 Of Your Senses Are Directly Affected By Music

Have you ever told someone to turn down the music in the car because you couldn’t concentrate while driving? Have you ever listened to Meek Mill and wanted to punch someone in the face? This is because music is energy and it’s inside all of us and has the ability to affect the five senses.

According to, music stimulates various areas of the brain. The hippocampus, which is located in the medial temporal lobe, is associated mainly with memory. Music enhances this organ because it stimulates emotions that boost your memory. Without music, life would be a giant awkward silence. And even within that silence lie a tapping foot or a rocking chair.




Your reaction time is slower when you’re listening to loud music and trying to drive at the same time. Music occupies all of the senses where as directions to a destination only occupy a certain part of the brain. An interesting study shown by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev “found that the type of music the driver listens to, as well as the volume at which it is played, has a significant impact on the driver’s ability to safely navigate.”

Have you ever realized that you probably turn your music down when you’re trying to read a text? I mean I have to give credit to those who even study with music. How can you NOT be distracted? Other than distractions, the genre of music you listen to affects how you perceive the world. Weatherman says so. When it’s sunny outside I feel soulful and mellow and want to listen to sublime where as when it’s rainy I want to listen to kygo.

Let the music flow through you, let the night air seduce us.

Music To My Eyes




The taste of coffee and bacon, sizzling on the pan, is just music to my ears. Did you ever know that different sounds, or even sound levels, have multiple ways of enhancing or detracting from taste experiences?  It’s funny how we can hear music through everything we do, even in the foods we eat. Listen to your food, it talks. You know when you are feeling eccentric and want to drink weird tea? Drinking it makes me want to listen to creepy French music. I don’t know why, it just makes sense.

Bittersweet symphonies: 




Music affects our touch in so many ways. It can make us feel calm and collected but also aggressive. Whether you’re tryna fuck shit up on mischief night and listen to Tyler the Creator or spend some time in bed listening to The Weeknd. It hits you in the feels. Matter of fact, music even improves your athletic performance. When I played hockey, the music that we played in the locker room to pump us up would stick with me throughout the entire game. But if I were to do ballet, I would have to listen to something graceful.

“Idk…the music came on and I just started taking everything off.. dancin’ like a crazy white girl” — all of us when we drink tequila.

Songs To Touch To: 




How does music settle in ones ear and not in another? Some of us enjoy loud music and quiet company, while for others, it’s the opposite. We all listen to music with the same body parts yet it hits us each differently. For me, hearing The Weeknd or even soft, loud, choppy and bass sounds stimulates sexual desires. But for others it can stimulate peace and serenity. Why is it that when one of us plays a song and really enjoys it, the other person’s ears are bleeding? It’s been scientifically proven that “even the smallest differences in our individual skull structure or bone density can change the way our brain receives and processes sound waves, changing the frequency that our bones vibrate at as we hear sounds.”

We all hear and perceive differently. And this is why music is so personal. Because it all affects us deeply in different ways.

Songs To Jam Out To: 




Certain smells enhance different memories. Music provides rhyme and rhythm. Don’t you find it as though you can remember the lyrics from a song but not from a test? Because it is a form of alliteration. Have you ever been at a barbecue and thought of country music? Or have you ever gone to a coffee shop and realized they all play alternative rock? The smells of certain foods just enhance our senses in a musical way. Even Drake thinks in terms of seasons and how the smell of them affects music.

“There are certain smells that you will describe as sweet things like caramel and vanilla and maybe strawberry smells that do not actually have a taste. But I can use those sweet smells to almost trick your brain into tasting sweetness.”

It all connects with each other. Rainy days, popcorn, soft sounds. Sunny days, watermelon, electronic sounds. Our imagination goes above and beyond and our energies align.

Songs Of Essence: 

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