Save Your Money With These Drugstore Beauty Products That Work Like Magic

Kiran Josen
Kiran is your average 20something living in Astoria and working in Manhattan--the hustle is indeed real. You can frequently find her lounging in the park (with a bottle of cheap-ass Rosé), checking out some obscure band in the basement of a Brooklyn warehouse (probably called MilkToad), or attempting (and failing) to cook.

Let me let you in on a little secret… your local CVS is a secretly masquerading as a beauty mecca. Forget Sephora, amongst the Easter candy and frozen burritos are affordable beauty and skincare products just waiting to be taken of the shelves and put to good use!

So save your money for more important things (like rent or the aforementioned frozen burritos) and take a trip down your local beauty aisle.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

1. NYX Lipsticks

Jonesing for a bright red, deep plum or a pop of pink? NYX has become my go-to for vibrant, affordable and long-lasting lipsticks. There are a number of different lipstick options including Matte, Matte Lip Cream, and Butter lipstick (just to name a few.) Their matte lip cream is a personal favorite, I’ve worn it through dinner, drinks, dessert and late night dinner snacking and it didn’t budge. The best part? They usually retail around $7!



2. Loreal BB Cream and Primer

I love getting dolled up just as much as the next girl, but there’s something about lazy weekend days that has me shoving my Nars foundation to the side and reaching for this lightweight BB Cream and Primer. It goes on light and offers a nice build-able coverage so you can layer on as needed. I’ve found it can be worn alone or underneath your regular foundation.



3. Covergirl Lash Blast

Available in a variety of different types suited to satisfy your every lash fantasy (Volume obsessed? They’ve got you covered! Waterproof? Look no further!), Covergirl Lash Blast has been my go-to for years. Do yourself a favor, buy a few of these in bulk. They constantly sell out at my corner drugstore and there is nothing worse than wandering through a CVS at 10 p.m. in desperate need of a tube of mascara and finding nothing but empty shelves. The horror.

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4. Loreal True Match Concealer

My coworkers are none the wiser to my late night QVC addiction thanks to this fantastic concealer. Available in several shades, not only does it make it look like I got a full 12 hours of sleep, it takes five years off my face. Let’s mark this one under highly recommend.



Bonus *Skincare Buy

If any  ingredient would win as prom queen right now, it would hands down be charcoal. The latest “it” girl on the scene, charcoal is said to absorb oil, clear impurities and improve and detoxify the skin. Give it a spin with Biore’s latest deep pore charcoal cleanser and see for yourself.

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