I Should Be Using What To Cover Up My Under-Eye Circles??

Arielle Benasillo
Arielle Benasillo is a 23 year old New Yorker who's passion for makeup is real. Growing up with both parents as hair stylists, the skill ran in the family. She recently graduated from Make Up Forever Academy New York certifying her in beauty & fashion, theatrical, special effects makeup and body painting. Arielle is now a freelance makeup artist working on photo shoots, weddings and events, as well as being employed at Salon S for makeup artistry. On her free time she enjoys traveling, being outdoors, froyo night with her roommates, and taking advantage of bottomless brunch in Manhattan with friends.

LIPSTICK. Say whaaat? It may sound crazy but trust me on this one. Some of us are truly blessed with having no under eye discoloration. But unfortunately for the rest of us, we have to find a way to cover up heavy purples, blues, reds – you name it.

You’ve likely tried masks, serums, home remedies and concealers to get rid of these unwanted colors, but nothing seems to do the trick. Many of us had this same problem until a smart YouTuber finally took a step back to the basics, consulted her 2nd grade knowledge of the color wheel and turned to an unlikely source for help – lipsticks.


The only thing you need to know when color correcting is what neutralizes the unwanted color:

  • Green hues: This is meant for people with extreme redness under eyes that can’t be corrected with concealer.
  • Yellow hues: Yellow is for mild redness. I use yellow over green sometimes because green can take too much warmth out of your skin.
  • Purple hues: Yellow under eyes.
  • Pink hues: Usually fair skin with purple under eyes.
  • Red and Orange hues: Brown or blue under eyes
  • Peachy hues: Purple or blue under eyes.


Now that we know what’s what, we can talk about the use of lipsticks for color correctors that recently went viral. Most dark circles have blue, green or purple undertones; the opposite of these colors on the color wheel are red and orange. So, for those who don’t want to add another colored concealer into your makeup collection, why not use some lipsticks you already have?

It makes sense! I personally have the Make Up Forever Camouflage Cream palette for my professional kit and I love it. But I must say, I also tried the lipstick trick on myself and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it corrected my ugly under eye circles!


Don’t run to try it just yet- here are a few tips that might help before trying it on your own:

  • For fair skin try a peach hue, for tan or dark skin try a red-orange hue.
  • Use a matte lipstick. We are trying to neutralize this spot, not gloss it up.
  • Try and find a thick formula so it isn’t so creamy and slides everywhere.
  • Do what’s best for your skin – this is a sensitive area, so if you have dry skin, go for a moisturizing lipstick.
  • Less is more! Lipsticks are highly pigmented so the color will be there with a thin layer.
  • Apply the lipstick with a flat brush or your fingertips.
  • Test what colors work best on a small area, wait for the lipstick to dry, and apply your concealer over the lipstick with a sponge or your fingertips.
  • Even though you’re using a thick formula, we still need to set it and powder.
  • Go about your normal beauty routine after you’ve color corrected.


You’re ready to try it out! Don’t thank me for this awesome hack, thank Deepica Mutyala whose five minute YouTube tutorial video went viral and has over 7 million views – YGG.


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