Santa Claus Is Still Coming: Tips For Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Lindsey Washington
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The most annoying part of Christmas for me isn’t the thousands of tourists flocking the city, the carolers in the subway or even trying to find a cheap flight home for the holidays — it’s getting a secret Santa gift for my office’s gift exchange. Granted, I spend more time with these people everyday than I do with even my closest friends. Should be easy, right? Wrong. I always put off my Christmas shopping until the last minute, leaving myself scrambling around Herald Square (aka my personal hell) trying to find something. This year, I teamed up with a co-worker and we were able to shop for both of our secret Santas within one hour — thanks to some amazing deals we found.

Here is your guide to shopping for your secret santa (you’re welcome):

Stop by Sephora for some small beauty products:

You know when you’ve been shopping all day and you finally go wait in line, only to be bombarded with 15 other items you don’t need? Well, Sephora has got that game on lock. They have perfume, lipstick, nail polish and makeup sets for under $30, and this isn’t just some rinky-dink stuff. We’re talking about Philosophy, Formula X, Origins, Marc Jacobs and Viktor Rolf. It’s pretty dangerous, but the best part is you can shop for your secret santa and yourself!



Head to Old Navy for its last-minute gift sale:

Old Navy is on a serious Christmas turn up with the deals they have right now. Everything is 60 percent off. Like, everything. I personally went a little crazy when I was here to the point where I was told my gift giving would be excessive and needed to put some things back. $4 T-shirts, $3 scarves and hats, $2 socks and $25 sweaters. Need I say more?



Find a cute ornament: 

Someone else I knew decided to purchase an adorable bulldog ornament for their secret santa who had just gotten a dog and, I must say, I really like this idea. My parents have kept paper ornaments we have made 15+ years ago, so I know for a fact your $20 ornament will be kept and cherished. Plus, is there anything cuter than a bulldog Christmas ornament?




Hit up Urban Outfitters’ goodies:

If you’ve picked somebody who you actually like and are friends with, I suggest hitting up Urban Outfitters’ home section, they have really funny books, games, cards and other random things. Urban’s prices are slightly higher, but they are well worth your buck. Urban’s goodies are items that you’d probably want for yourself, but would never buy because you don’t really need them. Monogram mugs? Cat plates? Mini champagne glasses? Yes, these are all great options.



Gift some whimsical knick-knacks from Pylones

Same goes for Pylones, a super whimsical (sorry, I hate that word) shop with gadgets that no one ever really needs. They have owl key chains, colored toilet paper, liquid rings and any other random things you could think of.

bottle-stopper-divine (1)


Go to your local liquor store, grab some nips and call it a day:


If all else fails, hit up the liquor store and go crazy on some mini bottles. Get creative! Make a liquor necklace or tree! The possibilities are really endless.

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