Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal, But Couples Still Face Challenges in Mississippi

Brandon Snively
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The Jistt:

  • Same-sex couple could not legally marry in every single state after the Supreme Court ruling in early July (thank you SCOTUS!)
  • BUT, even though they can marry everywhere, doesn’t mean they still don’t face some of the same problems they had before — discrimination, hate crimes, individual bans
  • In Mississippi, it’s illegal for gay couples to adopt children. It’s the ONLY state to have this ban.
  • The governor who implemented the law back in 2000 now says he regrets it…errr a little too late.
  • When will this law be overturned? Read and find out.


Back in early July, the Supreme Court broke the ban on same-sex marriages in several states and legalized marriage for everyone in America. Many believed the ruling would be a huge step forward for the LGBT community. It was a huge step forward, but there’s still some obstacles for gay couples. Discrimination, hate, and other hateful actions directed towards same-sex couples still exist. Although the law states it’s legal, some people still disagree with the decision.

In Mississippi, same-sex couples are still facing a major obstacle that is often overlooked: adopting children. Marriage is of course a major victory for gay couples, but having children, often the next step after, is still a huge issue that needs to be dealt with. Mississippi is the ONLY state to have this ban.

What’s Mississippi’s deal? Well, back in 2000 the then Governor Ronnie Musgrove signed a law that banned same-sex couples to adopt children. Ironically, he now claims, according to the Huffington Post, that he regrets doing so…interesting.

When will there be change? Nothing can be determined right now unfortunately. One gay couple would not adopt the child because of the specific needs. They were told that they would need to live separately for a certain period, set up visitation rights, and then file as a single parent. The couple denied the measures because they wanted to raise the child together. The real struggle continues since no comment has been made by the State or any state official.

When asked about why he made the decision, Ronnie Musgrove said that his faith was a big reason. He sums everything up wonderfully with what every state official and person should think in a situation like this, “I came to understand that a person’s sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with their ability to be a good parent.”

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