Rick Owens’ Paris Fashion Week Catwalk Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Daniela Araya
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Rick Owens took the coin phrase “women’s wear daily” quite literal at his Spring 2016 Fashion Week presentation earlier this week. Known for his outlandish (and quite amazing) runway performances, Owens’ models worked the catwalk with poise and ease – well, as much ease as humanly possibly while carrying another person’s bodyweight around. #tbt to last year’s NSFW show where Owens’ male model’s showed a sneak peek of their *members* to the world in gladiator-esque ensembles.

Owens “…has earned a cult following for his sharp, distressed leather jackets and an all-black, ‘grungy glamorous’ aesthetic.” This year’s line showcased exactly that, from sheer, neutral-toned tops to strappy sandals and gothic, oversized trenches.

Without further ado, here are some highlights from Owens’ show ICYMI.










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