Relive The Glory Days Of Snick: Saturday Night Nickelodeon

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Before Saturday nights became evenings filled with booze and flashy nightclubs, they were spent within the confines of your living room paired with pizza-binging and your favorite TV shows.

What was your lineup of choice? Nick’s Saturday nighttime slot, dubbed “Snick,” (Saturday Night Nick, for those who didn’t catch that) started relatively small, then blew up into one of Nickelodeon’s most successful ventures.

It’s time for some nostalgia. Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we revisit the best moments of Snick. Try to finish the timeline before binging on old Saturday night TV shows.


In the beginning…

The Saturday night Nickelodeon line-up began with four half-hour shows: Clarissa Explains It All, Roundhouse, The Ren & Stimpy Show, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The first two years were a consistent two hour block of the four original classics. Clarissa’s teenage wit, the unpredictability of Roundhouse, the vulgarity of Ren & Stimpy, and Are You Afraid of the Dark’s scare tactics made for a pretty eventful evening- without ever having to leave your couch.


The Big Orange Couch

Speaking of couches, who could forget the infamously unofficial mascot, The Big Orange Couch? If you say you never had the overwhelming desire to jump atop the giant plush piece of furniture, you’re lying. Before being donated in 1999, the boldly colored seat had a powerful stint on the Saturday night time slot.


The Era of All That

In a time where sketch comedy was reserved for late nights and comedy clubs, Snick introduced something somewhat iconic. Teens hosting their own sketch comedy show was both hilarious and a great way to jumpstart a plethora of careers.

For example, the great Amanda Bynes got her youthful start on All That, then headed her own spin-off titled The Amanda Show. We all know what happened to the teen sweetheart, obviously she strayed slightly off the orange-paved path.

Even Kenan & Kel had their humble beginnings on the All That stage. Before Kenan Thompson moved on to, well, more sketch comedy, he was dancing with giant corn and giving us quality knowledge in a French accent from the confines of a bathtub.



Ok, I’ll admit this was my personal favorite. Who doesn’t love to watch babies roam free amongst the city? One of life’s greatest mysteries was how Tommy Pickles fit a whole wrench into his diaper. Did he take it out before getting his Pamper changed? When the crew returned for All Grown Up, I patiently waited for an explanation I never got.

For about three years, the Rugrats broke out of that flimsy playpen while their lackluster babysitter slept his life away during their half hour spot on the Saturday night line-up.


Snick House

Ah, the great Nick Cannon. Before moving on to host MTV2’s Wild’n Out, he was the lowly host of Snick House. Every week, watchers would vote on their favorite music video and wait for the announcement from Nick Cannon.

The Snick line-up got a tad bit edgier with its selection of Saturday night shows. With the addition of Caitlyn’s Way, teens got some grade A (but very PG) drama. Snick smartened up and added a bit of star power to their already-winning time slot. The newly revamped Snick featured some of your favorite teeny boppers.


Nick Flicks

MOVIES! Before RedBox and Netflix, we had to rely on quality TV movies (or Blockbuster, but that’s a story for another day). For those lonely teens at home on a Saturday night, Snick knew just the remedy for a solitary weekend evening.

Nick Flicks were the 2001 addition to the line-up, along with the Nick Cannon Show, and Taina. Join me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, as I try to recall my favorite line from the As Told By Ginger movie.


On Air Dare

In 2002, Snick decided it needed something new. What better way to regain the interest of bored teens than with some Fear Factor-esque segments? Cast members from All That took their talents to the commercial breaks to show their fans just how daring they were.


The end of an era

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. 2004 marked the end of an undeniable era. Snick said goodbye during a subtle transition that included an easy name change during a commercial break. Nick said goodbye to the Saturday night line-up of shows, ending with All Grown Up!, Romeo!, All That, and The Amanda Show. Where were you when the end happened?


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