Relationship Goals: 6 Pieces Of Dating Advice We Learned From Jim and Pam

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Jim and Pam — just hearing those two names gives me all the feels. And if you’re anything like me, you probably spent 99.9% of your time watching The Office swooning over Jim and Pam’s relationship (when you weren’t dying over Dwight falling for every single one of Jim’s pranks).

You probably hated Pam when she rejected Jim at first (because obviously Roy sucked), you wanted to cry when Jim switched branches and started dating Karen, and you jumped up and down when they finally cut the sh*t and got together.


But why is it that we love this couple so much?


Because even though Jim and Pam found each other in a hopeless (yet semi fun) place, they still built an amazing friendship, romance, marriage, and overall connection through it.

Because in my opinion, they are real. They are the one of most authentic couples on TV, and we can all relate to Jim and Pam in one way or another. Whether it’s because of their mundane lives, their genuine connection, their arguments, their passionate proposals at a gas station — in some way they resonate with all of us.


Not only that, but they give the ultimate dating advice if you really pay attention:


1. Always support each other

Pam 100% supports Jim’s need to forever (and most brilliantly) prank Dwight through nine whole seasons. When others (like Karen) found it a little immature, Pam was always up for the challenge.



2. Have each other’s back, no matter what

They have each other’s back. When Pam decides to stop being a receptionist and go to art school, Jim supports her. When Pam decides to try sales, Jim backs her up. When Jim decides to buy his parents’ house and surprise Pam (she’s taken aback), but she rolls with it and loves him for it. You get the picture. They can always count on each other, and isn’t that what we all want in our significant other?



3. Take notice when they make you a better version of yourself 

Jim and Pam grow into better people because of one another. They take bigger risks, they don’t settle for ‘The Office’ life (even if it takes them awhile), and they realize their strengths because of one another.



4. Don’t forget or underestimate the little things 

They never forget about the little things. We, as humans, naturally seem to look at the bigger picture — it’s hard not to. We’re always waiting for the next big thing to happen, but Jim and Pam never let the little moments in their relationship slip away (insert teapot Christmas gift scene here). They make us remember how important the small things can be.



5. Make even the chaotic moments into something special 

Their wedding is a tearjerker, and don’t even think about telling me you didn’t want to shed a tear of joy. They made something chaotic into something so intimate, so beautiful, and again made you think about the importance of just being together.

Exhibit A: Reception dinner speech:

Jim Halpert: “Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl, who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do, which was just to.. wait. Don’t get me wrong, I flirted with her. Pam, I can now admit in front of friends and family, that I do know how to make a photocopy. Didn’t need your help that many times. And, uh, do you remember how long it took you to teach me how to drive stick? (A year). I’ve been driving stick since high school, so… For a really long time that’s all I had. Little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And, a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl I work with but I think, even then I knew that… I was waiting for my wife.

(Doesn’t that just give you chills? Come on, I know it did).


Jim waited, Pam learned courage, and together they created a beautiful relationship.


6. Overcome the obstacles, even when it’s hard

And finally, they make you see the hurdles you inevitably go through in a relationship, but how you can make it work if you love that person. Pam sacrificed her sanity and dealt with work and two kids to allow Jim to pursue his dream in sports management, while at the same time Jim sacrificed that dream to come home and help Pam. Although they went through a rough patch, we see them really work through it, find common ground, and support each other no matter what — while at the same time managing to forever prank Dwight in the most absurdly brilliant ways.




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