Recap: Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup

Brandon Snively
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The 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Finals are over, and the Chicago Blackhawks have taken the title for the third time in six seasons (previous wins in 2010 & 2013). They won Game 6 2-0 against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The entire series was a very tight race, and exciting one to say the least. For the first time in the entire Stanley Cup Finals series, this game saw a 2 goal deficit and this was the only shutout. It’s also one of the first times in history that the previous five games were only decided by one goal.

The Blackhawks showed that they were the more resilient team in those one-goal games. It was an all-around effort from the goaltending to the coaching staff led by Joel Quenneville. This is also head coach Joel Quenneville’s third Stanley Cup win.

The goals in this game came from Duncan Keith with 2:47 left in the 2nd period (17:13 for you hockey fans), and the final, game sealer, goal came from Patrick Kane with 5:14 left in the 3rd period (14:46). Patrick Kane also assisted the earlier Duncan Keith goal. The Conn Smythe Trophy, which is awarded to the MVP of the playoffs, was given to the game winning goal scorer Duncan Keith.

For those of you that watched the coverage on NBC, there was a long period of time before the Stanley Cup presentation took place. This was because the Stanley Cup was actually delayed getting to the United Center, the arena where the Blackhawks play in Chicago, because of severe weather that included hail and tornadoes in the city.

It was a valiant effort by the Lightning, but the Blackhawks obviously proved to be the better team. When that cup was hoisted by captain Jonathan Toews, the 35-pound trophy probably felt like a feather after playing a total of 103 games this season. It’s a moment that many dream of, but only a select few can accomplish.


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