QUIZ: Your Perfect Whiskey Based On Your Taste In Men

Talia Aroshas
Talia Aroshas is a Capricorn semi vegetarian who obtained her master’s degree in the art of coat checking after four years of intense study at NYC’s mostly highly regarded titty bar. Here, she double majored in high-brow sarcasm, and graduated with honors in pungent irony. As a result, she is fluent in both languages. All coats aside, after two years as Editor in Chief of one of NYC’s leading nightlife blogs, Talia realized her greatest passion to be music and is very excited to be heading 20something’s Create vertical, mostly for the free concert access it will get her. Follow her on Instagram on all her music adventures @gangsta_rap.

I was a late bloomer in regards to all things life — boys, common knowledge, alcohol. I didn’t experience first love until (pending), didn’t know that Starbucks offered free same-day refills on coffee and tea until literally right now as I write this post, and didn’t have my first taste of alcohol until I was well into my twenties.

The jury is still out on whether or not I have common sense or if I’ve learned how to communicate with the opposite sex using just my flirty eyes, but there is one thing I have mastered for sure: whisky.

On March 1st, my whisky partner in crime and I were lucky enough to attend Whisky Live as it hit NYC. Now, being possibly two of the biggest whisky enthusiasts to ever enthuse, it’s safe to say our tolerance is pretty impressive. However, even bottomless bellies like ours could not sample the 300+ whiskies, bourbons, and scotches from around the world offered at each Whiksy Live.Therefore, I can’t say the five that made the cut for our quiz are THE BEST of THE BEST, but hey, we really liked them.

But, you don’t just want to know which whiskies (not served at most bars, might I add) you should include on your must-try list. You want to know how each whisky can apply to your everyday life…your everyday love life. Because whisky is love. And love is whisky. And, at the end of the day, when he turns out to be a fuckboy and you’re totally alone, you’ll always have whisky.

Disclaimer: Four Roses is my absolute favorite (and always will be) but I did not include because, well, most people already know about it. And if you don’t what is wrong with you.


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