Quiz: Which Broad City Character Are You? + Giveaway!

Television rarely manages to accurately capture real life in New York City. From the romanticized camaraderie (and apartment) on Friends  (good luck getting your friends to go even one stop on the L to see your equally-overpriced Williamsburg apartment) to Sex in the City (he can’t even send me an Uber and Mr. Big is just cruising around town in his fuckin’ black car, waiting to drive Carrie all the way uptown?), we seldom get the opportunity to vibe with the characters and their weekly antics…BECAUSE NO ONE ACTUALLY LIVES LIKE THAT. Seriously, is Vogue paying you $4 a word? We didn’t think so.


That is, until the genius that is Broad City.
These kweens have been there. These kweens understand you. These kweens ARE you.
And while we eagerly await the return of our beloved Abbi and Ilana for season 4 (August 2017 yassss), we need to find other ways to get our BC fix. For those of you who can no longer use your ex boyfriend’s Hulu (so selfish of him to change his login, seriously), we have a special treat for you. To celebrate the release of season 3 on DVD, we will be awarding one of our lucky readers SEASON 1, 2 AND 3 OF BROAD CITY ON DVD.


Ya, dude, that’s right. Now, picture all of the useless shit you’ll be passing down to your children. Your future kids don’t want that damn dirty handkerchief your G G G G grandpa used to carry around and give crying ladies to wipe their snot on, fuckin’ ew. A physical copy of every Broad City episode seems like a much more treasured heirloom, doesn’t it?


And in case you needed a refresher of why this is a big MF win — you’ll get to relive Abbi’s flirtation with pegging. Their journey to North Brother Island. The first time Abbi wore her favorite blue dress. Ilana’s adventures in Chinatown. The unforgettable cameos, from Hillary Clinton to Vanessa Williams to Adam Levine. Whenever you want (even when it’s removed offline because the streaming gods are cruel, fickle beasts) including over 30 minutes of uncensored bonus Abbi and Ilana time you haven’t seen yet.

Yeah, we know, you’re sold now. So how do you win?

Step 1: 
Take the quiz below to find out which Broad City character you are (I’m looking forward to the existential crisis that awaits those of you who get Bevers).


Step 2: 
Share your results on Facebook, tag our page & use the hashtag #BroadCityDVDGiveaway. We’ll then choose a random winner to collect their prize by January 27th.




Without further ado….4 AND 3 AND 2 AND 1:


Prize courtesy of Comedy Central 
* Open to US residents 18 or older, one entry per person – Terms and Conditions