QUIZ: Which Amy Winehouse Song So Describes Your Life Right Now?

What’s up, guys, I miss Amy Winehouse, hbu?

As a result, I’ve been dancing around an empty apartment singing “Cherry Wine” at the top of my lungs.

This is my life.

These are my choices.

She just makes me feel things I didn’t know I still could. Where’s my wine?

Things I’m currently sad about:

1 . Amy Winehouse is dead

2 . The Antichrist is taking office

Ok seriously though, do not kill my Amy Winehouse vibes by saying she should’ve went to rehab. HER DADDY THOUGHT SHE WAS FINE, DANG IT.

I’m really protective over her songs, mostly because there is so much emotion in them and so many people miss that.

Can you believe there are people out there who don’t like Amy Winehouse? Truly a travesty.

So yeah, I know every one of her songs so well, that if you tell me what type of situation you’re in, I can give you a song to match how you feel!

Take this quiz.

Have fun.