Put A Sock In It: 5 Fashion-Forward Socks To Transform Your Look This Fall

Ariane Collins
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There was a time when I willingly suffered in the name of fashion. And, to my younger self, fashion was roughly defined as an ankle free from its fabric cage (excuse the drama… I was a teenager after all). Regardless of the weather, I would wear the tiniest ankle socks, or even those dreaded invisible liners that never manage to stay up for more than five minutes. Neglecting my sock drawer, however, left me missing out on more than just comfort!

A simple pair of socks has the immense potential to transform your outfit in the most understated of ways. Now that the temperatures are starting to drop, let’s take a moment to appreciate fashion’s comfiest gift to humanity since the over-sized sweater.


The white sock

This fashion staple has dealt with years of being relegated to the back of the drawer, only allowed out to make brief appearances as your school-mandated gym class footwear. It’s time this gym class hero got the love it deserves!



The velvet sock

Everything from camisoles to culottes seems to be made out of velvet at the moment, so why shouldn’t your socks be? The unexpected texture adds dimension to any look and pairs especially well with menswear inspired shoes and trousers.



The typo sock

These socks are a true statement piece. (Yes, pun intended.) Try these loquacious ankle adornments with a denim skirt for a playful 90s look, or wear them scrunched down with cropped flares and sneakers.



The glitter sock

Glitter socks look surprisingly sophisticated worn under heels or loafers. Style them with your favorite pencil skirt, collared shirt, and a sweater to add some office appropriate sparkle to your work wardrobe.



The “just for show” sock

If it’s not feeling like Fall yet where you are, don’t sweat it! Fishnet socks and sheer styles allow you to add layers without overheating.


Your ankles will thank you.

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