Pursuit Of Harmony: Tiger Tooth Shares The Process Behind Their Multi-Sense Music Experience

Talia Aroshas
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If you log on to the Tiger Tooth website, you will come face to face with the floating heads of Johnny Siera, Will Broussard and Sofia Szamosi. And they prompt, via footnote instructions, “Click us in the heads.”

These artists are not afraid to stand out, which is good, because everything about them does.

“Conceived during a 5 a.m. slam poetry-interpretive dance session” Tiger Tooth is a multimedia art enterprise that employs two out of the five senses by offering their audience an audio-visual experience.

“I want to take people on a journey. I want to freak people out in headphones or on the dance floor with weird sounds. I want them to feel the love we put into it.” Will Broussard told 20something.

Aside from being one-third of Tiger Tooth, Will is a music producer and engineer at The Submarine studio. He is also the drummer for The Death Set, which is how he knows Johnny Siera, who is the art-punk band’s front man.

The formation of Tiger Tooth was very organic; Will and Johnny met playing punk rock, but they bonded over a love of electronic music, and wished to channel that passion into their own work. It wasn’t until Johnny met visual and video artist, Sofia Szamosi, however, that the group found their secret, and key, ingredient. The artistic ingredient to give the group an “edge” over other musical groups out there. As their website details, the now wedded couple first met over a tarot reading, where they learned they both had a tattoo of a tiger on their bicep.

“I have wanted to write this record my whole life,” Johnny notes of Tiger Tooth’s debut album. “We just came to the studio and let our ideas take us on the direction they took us. Perhaps it would have been more digestible if we chose a style and stuck with it. Perhaps easier marketing wise too! But it wouldn’t have been true to the creative process we were on.”

But it’s not just Tiger Tooth’s unique approach to the musical experience that attracted our attention and had us select them as this month’s Pursuit of Harmony Feature — it’s also their deep and true passion for their craft.

“I think giving back is important, hopefully our music can be of service in some way, inspirational, emotional, uplifting, the full gamut of emotions great art and music has made me feel before, of which I’m very grateful,” Johnny says of what he hopes their music can do for people.

And Will agrees.

“I love making music. It’s some of the most fun I ever have. The process and art of making music and collaborating with friends is motivation enough. Another motivating factor is to bring joy to someones life with music. Thats what motivates me.”

Tiger Tooth is a true and stunning manifestation of passion and creativity, and evidence that art, true art, can evolve with the time and cannot be repressed by a price tag.

Hopes for the future for the multimedia group include possibly collaborating with Jean Michel Jarre or dabbling in moving soundtracks.

But wherever they end up, they’re happy just to be doing what they love.

“I think we just aim to create things we love. Wherever that lands us is not really up to us.”

Their advice to struggling music artists in NYC?

“Create for the right reasons and let go of the outcome…Make art and never quit.”