Pucker Up Gorgeous: Jessie James Decker Announces Lip Kit Release Date

Jessie James Decker took to Instagram last week to give all her fans a sneak peak of her lip kit collaboration with Alexa Persico’s cosmetics and its release date. With all the popularity of these two-in-one kits, (Hi Kylie Jenner), you know Mrs. Decker was all up on this and I am super excited for it!

According to her Instagram, we know Decker’s lip kit will include a lipstick and lip liner in a nude/pink, which we all know is her signature choice of lip color. I have been a huge fan of her makeup and how she has rocked it for a while. And yes, I am one of those people who watched her YouTube makeup tutorials from years ago. You can clearly see in every tutorial that she dies for a nude lip! Side note; that I highly recommend taking a look at her tutorials because she is so honest and gives such good makeup advice, who doesn’t want to look like this gal!

I’ll stop my rambling and love for Jessie James Decker so we can see what her kit looks like!

The Lip Kit is super cute and comes in a white box signed by Jessie herself. Although you can’t see the color in the photo, the Instagram caption on @Alexaperiscocosmestics account says it all — it’s the Decker’s signature nude/pink look that she rocks on the red carpet.


On the inside when you open the box, it say’s “Pucker up Gorgeous, xo Jessie.”


Don’t worry fans, you don’t have to wait much longer. Jessie’s Lip Kit goes on sale June 29 for $45 for the whole set. So… I know what I’ll be doing on Wednesday.

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