Proposals and Murder: 5 Most Shocking Moments From This Week’s PLL Episode

Morgan Amos
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For seven seasons I. Marlene King has invited us into the world of five teenage friends living through the ups and downs, mysterious text messages from an unknown source making their lives’ a living hell and shocking deaths that will make you question if, in fact, that actually happened. With only four episodes left before the season finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” one of the best shows on the planet (in my opinion), King isn’t holding anything back as she gives fans one jaw-dropping moment after another, but we shouldn’t expect anything less right?!

Here are five moments from Monday night’s episode that made me and I’m sure every other PLL fan’s mouth hit the floor!

1. Aria Gets Proposed to for a Second Time



This week, fans were left with a cliffhanger that had Ezra on one knee asking for Aria’s hand in marriage. She stood there with a stoic look on her face unable to answer. It shouldn’t been that hard, right? I mean, when a guy asks for your hand in marriage it’s either you happily reply YES, or you break the guy’s heart and tell him NO. Well, it seems as if asking a second time gets you the answer you are looking for, because Ezra got down on one knee again last night and was met with an ecstatic YES from Aria. I wonder if we’ll see any wedding planning take place in the upcoming four episodes.


2. Rollins is Alive, or is he?


Turns out not everything you bury and think is dead stays dead. Rollins, a.k.a. Archer Dunhill lets the girls in on a little secret…he’s NOT dead! Much to the girl’s surprise, especially Hannah, Rollins makes it known that he’s still alive and out for revenge after they tried to kill him. But is it really him from beyond the grave? In a panic, Hannah and Spencer set out to uncover the truth learning once and for all if the man they killed and buried is still dead lying peacefully in a makeshift grave. They find him rotting away as they’d left him, so if he’s lying in dirt, then who is out for revenge?


3. Hannah Comes Clean, Sort of


Let’s not pretend that we didn’t see this coming. After all, what happens in Rosewood stays in Rosewood, and that means relationships, too. With everything these girls have done, I’m surprised that they even stepped outside for a bit to have whatever “normal” life they could.

So, Hannah is no longer engaged to Jordan. Let’s see how long it’ll be before Toby and Yvonne last.


4. Creepy Guy in Cop Uniform Tries to Kill Ali


What’s new? For the last six seasons someone has been trying to kill the girls and shut them up.


5. Sara Harvey is dead, but who killed her!?


The shocker of last night’s episode had to be the discovery of Sara Harvey’s lifeless body lying in the tub with a blow to her head and the shower turned on. So, who killed her? Or is she really even dead? Nothing is never how it seems when you’re dealing with the “Pretty Little Liars “crew.

I’ll definitely be tuning in to next week’s episode and you should too! A familiar face returns and as always, the girls yet again try to get to the bottom of who’s after them. If the last four episodes are anything like last night’s, then “Pretty Little Liars” summer season finale is sure to be a doozy and will leave fans guessing what’s next even after the season has ended!

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