Product Rave: Top 3 Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks You Have To Try

Stevi Incremona
Stevi graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama. When she's not auditioning and running around New York, she's escaping to her original home at the Jersey Shore and most definitely lying on a beach somewhere equidistant between the ocean and tiki bar. She's a coffee snob, craft beer enthusiast, technology nerd, and obviously (most importantly) has a very real addiction to buying and trying affordable beauty products.

If you love a hot bold lip look for a day or night time look, here are some affordable (and one splurge-worthy) liquid lipstick options you must try:

The Super Affordable Option (because even if you’re broke, you can still look and feel fab):

Rimmel Provocolips 16hr Kissproof Lipstick – $6

Not going to lie to you, this packaging makes the product look super silly and reminiscent of beauty products you might have used when you were 12. BUT the actual product inside is way worth the teeny tiny price tag of 6 bucks. It’s a double sided liquid lipstick that has the color on one side of the wand and a clear gloss on the other. You first apply a couple layers of color to your lips until you have the desired opacity you want, then seal it in with the gloss. The lasting power of the color is unreal.

If you don’t use a makeup remover to wipe your lips at nights end, you will for sure wake up with this lipstick still in place. As some long-wear lipsticks tend to do, this one can get a little bit dry on the lips. Keep it on hand because you’ll want to go back in every once in a while with the clear gloss to restore some moisture. You can apply the clear gloss as liberally as you want and it won’t mess with the color underneath. Word of wisdom though, don’t try to put more color on over the gloss. This will end in a patchy weird mess that ain’t cute. Shade range is hella good as well. My favorite in the line is “230 Kiss Fatal” which is a brilliant mauve that you can almost pull off as a neutral.



On The Fancier Side of Affordable:

Sephora Collection Cream Lipstain – $14

Ummm I almost have one of these in every color. Oops. This is my favorite formula of liquid lipstick ever. Its comfort level beats every other liquid lipstick I’ve tried–including high end brands. I’ve never had to touch up when I’m using this product unless I was eating a meal. But for a night of drinking? Perfection. And while it’s not a drugstore priced lipstick, the price tag really isn’t horrifying–especially considering how little of the product you have to apply to get a huge color payoff. The only complaint I have is that the shade range is a bit limited. However, I have a feeling there might be more colors being released in the near future, in which case everyone will now know what to buy me for Christmas. This line has both matte and satin finish lipsticks. The matte range has my heart.



If You Live Dat Luxury Life:

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – $20

Yeah I know that’s a lot of money to spend on a lip product, so no pressure. But like… this range is real nice. Kat Von D is a special lady and her excellent taste and talent lead to a really cool high-end beauty line. In an interview, she mentioned she was never a fan of ever having to touch up her makeup throughout the day, so all of her products are designed to be long-wearing. This lipstick line is no exception. The color payoff is awesome, they dry to a matte finish but manage to stay comfortable, and the color range is pretty wild. These lip stains would definitely be a good choice if you’re looking to rock a loud lip but don’t want to have to fuss with it. “Lolita” might be the most perfect Kylie Jenner, 90s brown/red lipstick I’ve ever seen.