Pretty Little Liars: The 5 Questions That Deserve (A)nswers

Becca Van Sambeck
Becca is a recent Fordham grad, a former German beer hall girl, and a new Brooklyn resident who used to read the dictionary for fun as a kid. She has only gotten slightly less lame since then. She loves pugs, chicken fingers, reading and Game of Thrones.

Pretty Little Liars is a show that earned its fame by mixing genuinely terrifying moments with relatable ones, having the most bizarre wardrobes possible for its teenage characters, and setting up some seriously compelling mysteries with twists you couldn’t see coming.

However, 6 seasons later and Pretty Little Liars’ penchant for crazy twists and red herrings have made it one of the most confusing and frustrating shows on television. The creators seemed to have sensed this and marketed this new season as the #summerofAnswers. Here’s some of the answers we’re finally hoping to get.


1. Who is Charles anyway and what are his motives?

The big reveal at the end of the last season was that Big A was not Mona, or Melissa, or Cece, or Alison’s twin, or any of the other major suspects its been hinting at for the last several seasons. Nope, instead Big A is….Charles. Confused? So are we. The fact that Big A is not a girl is confusing in itself (A has always flourished with the female touches, whether it be the overuse of the word “bitches” or the obsession with dolls), but Charles is not even a character on the show. Or as far as we know.

It seems crazy for the show to build up the Big Bad A as a character we’ve never met before, so we’re sure there’s some crazy relationship connecting the Liars and Charles – whether it’s the real name of a character we’ve already suspected (we’re looking at you, Andrew) or a familial connection (the show is big on the twin motif….). Also, this is apparently a man with the funds and obsession to spy on and torture these girls for years. He even built an elaborate underground prison for them. His motivation for stalking these girls better be a good.


2. So who killed Officer Garrett? Or Mrs. Dilaurentis? Or Bethany Young?

Okay, so the obvious answer here is probably “A,” but as we’ve seen, there’s been, like, 8 different A’s. Were the murders all the work of this more vicious, unhinged Big A Charles? Or did one of the different incarnations of A commit one (or all) of these dirty deeds? And is anyone even going to mention or mourn these deaths again? We get that Mrs. Dilaurentis was a pretty shitty mom, but Alison and Jason basically never mentioned THEIR OWN MOTHER’S death ever again. Hello, even quiet, taciturn Toby has taken up way too much screen time talking about a mom who died years ago. Are the police even pretending to investigate these deaths or are they just so overwhelmed by all the murders in Rosewood they figure they gotta let some slide?


3. How many older guys can get into inappropriate relationships with the Liars?

The only thing this show loves more than pointless red herrings and ominous text messages is a good, wildly inappropriate relationship. The show has portrayed sixteen-year-old Aria’s relationship with her ENGLISH TEACHER as some romantic relationship meant to be celebrated for its forbidden nature, instead of the creepy statutory rape that it is.

By this point, the fact that Aria is screwing her high school teacher is no longer a secret, and yet he’s still allowed to work at the high school. And besides the fact that it’s completely illegal, it’s also weird as hell? What on earth does he have in common with a sixteen-year-old girl? Do you remember how annoying you were at that age? And their relationship isn’t the only one. Detective Holbrook was just a friendly mentor to Hanna before he, a police officer, started trying to kiss her. Spencer hooked up with not only her big sister’s current fiancé, but her sister’s hot doctor ex-boyfriend as well. Don’t get me started on Ali, who apparently has been getting older men to fall for her since she was in eighth grade – dating a college-aged Ezra. We get the Liars are pretty, but ahem, they are also little.


4. What’s the deal with Radley?

Of course, with all these older male stalkers and crazy teenage girls, Radley needs its own sanatorium. It has played a big role throughout the show as home to some of the town’s biggest secrets, with Mona, Spencer and Bethany Young all being committed there at some point.

Something nefarious has been hinted at many times, but it’s still unclear what the hell happened at Radley, and why its so important to the story of A. What is Bethany Young’s connection to the place? What was the nature of her relationship to Mrs. DiLaurentis? What’s the deal with Toby’s mom? Was she murdered or…actually, just kidding. Let’s not waste time on Toby’s mom ever again.


5. Will the Liars ever learn to dress appropriately for a funeral?

 With all the funerals these girls attend, you’d think someone would finally tell them a funeral is not a fashion show, and to ditch the cleavage-baring, tight, backless LBD’s. Only time will tell.