Pottymints — The Solution To The Most Awkward Relationship Milestone

Mikela Warman
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There are so many upsides to being in a long-term, comfortable, stable relationship. It means sharing a dog with your lover, splitting pricey rent, having a date for every occasion, a reliable Instagram like.

But there are enticing moments about starting a new relationship as well. The excitement of undiscovered territory, creating new memories, the butterfly-in-tummy effect, the uncomfortable poops……..

Wait. What?

Everyone knows this is true. You probably even remember when your S.O. got real with you for the first time.

“Hey, umm, I’m just gunna be in here for a sec if you kinda like, umm, catch my drift.”

Phew. The days of going downstairs to the guest restroom or across the street to 7-Eleven are over. No more shady pewps. No more “Advil runs.” I bring you…………. POTTYMINTS.



These portable bad boys are the first single-use dissolvable air freshener tablets. You can stick this convenient lil package in your wallet, purse, or even blatantly promote the usage by sticking it behind your toilet on a cute lil lucite tray. You’ll be a cute lil trendy betch.

To use, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Do ya bizniz
  2. Flush the toilet
  3. Drop a tablet in
  4. Close the door upon exiting

That’s all! Just drop, flush, drop, close. Hehe.

Now your overnight formal or weekend getaway won’t seem so awkward after all.

The product currently comes in two different scents: Arancia di Capri & La Fleur. Purchase some here!

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