Playlist: What To Look Forward To At CMJ This Year

Kiran Josen
Kiran is your average 20something living in Astoria and working in Manhattan--the hustle is indeed real. You can frequently find her lounging in the park (with a bottle of cheap-ass Rosé), checking out some obscure band in the basement of a Brooklyn warehouse (probably called MilkToad), or attempting (and failing) to cook.

Need some good news this Monday? How about this: CMJ is pretty much here. In its 35th year, the annual music marathon will be held from Oct. 13-17 in the same magical place — New York City. If you’re a music lover in or around the area, cancel all your life plans — this is a festival you do not want to miss. Although it can be a bit overwhelming at times, its incredible lineup features acts from all over the genre map, making it a true, music-tastic experience. Now we won’t dare tell you whom to catch (you can decide for yourself here), but we will provide you with some awesome tunes from the lineup, cause that’s what we do.

Steven A Clark


Teen Commandments


Lewis Del Mar


Glass Animals


Walking Shapes








Frankie Cosmos


Eternal Summers