Playlist: Remix Heaven

Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy has been involved in the music biz for nearly 10 years in a variety of capacities. From a young age taught himself how to play a multitude of instruments and believes music to be an extremely important part of culture. Moving into the future Sean began to write and blog more frequently about his opinions on the industry as well as consistently curate playlists. Professionally Sean has had marketing internships with Superfly Presents, RED Distribution, and Meridian Entertainment Group. All of these opportunities have helped him to expand his knowledge and understanding of the music industry and have helped him to have a more informed opinion on the topics to which he writes. Sean continues to create music in his free time and has recently been collaborating with a number of artists around Michigan, where he is from. He also loves to see live shows and go out with friends. Check him out on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, or Tumblr.

Feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly unending barrage of remixes uploaded daily to the blogosphere? It’s impossible to check them all out right? Wrong – we’ve got you covered. Our playlist “Remix Heaven” is here to save the day. By sorting through all of the garbage on the internet and locating the gems, we provide you with the newest and best remixes out there so you never get stuck in a musical rut. From Cashmere Cat and Diplo to producers you’ve probably never heard of, we’ve got the hookup on the best tracks. Check it out below!


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