Playlist: #nonbasicbangerspt2

Sofia Pack
Sofia is currently pursuing her parent's dream of getting a business degree at Florida State. When not mistaken for being Asian, she frequently finds herself tweeting politically outspoken comments, trying to be be as non-basic on Instagram as possible, stalking DJs on Soundcloud and finishing 25 hour-long episodes on Netflix in 24 hours.

Playlist by: Sofia and Alexa Pack

Did you skip the skinny latte from Starbucks and get the chai tea from that hole-in-the wall coffee shop? Did you get through your meal without taking a snapchat of it? Clearly you’re feeling as nonbasic as this playlist. I am back with the non-basicest of bangers to help you get through Monday right. Galantis only has that one song, Runaway, right? WRONG. The versatility of their newest EP, Pharmacy, has taken them from an one-hit wonder to an established artistry. Heaven trap edits from DJ Instant Party!, along with the incredibly diverse beats dropped by Nebbra and NGHTMRE guarantee that you will never want to wear UGGs again. Stay acidic.

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