Playlist: Countdown To Made In America – Headliners

Mahogany Bullock
Writer. NYC. ECU Grad.

In just a matter of weeks, Philly will be completely taken over by music fans from across the country. Made In America, the most anticipated music festival of the year has a pretty all-star line up. With Queen Bey as its heavy hitter and The Weeknd backing her up, I honestly can’t think of a better headlining duo.

With over 50 musical acts hitting the Philly stage, it may be in your best interest to prepare yourself for the onslaught of talent you’ll essentially be walking into. The smart thing for you to do would be to give your brain a warm up, stretch it out a little before thrusting it into a full-blown marathon. If you simply jump headfirst into a music festival of this magnitude you may pull a brain muscle, or pass out from shock. We’re just here to help. For those who plan to attend the musical extravaganza, this carefully curated playlist is perfect for you to indulge in as you count down to the show. For those who are too cheap to buy tickets, well that’s your fault. I guess you can listen to this playlist and pretend you’re at the show. It won’t be the same though. Maybe if you listen to it while sipping a Budweiser in your front lawn. Naahhh nevermind, let it go.


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