Playlist: #IndieFeels

Sofia Pack
Sofia is currently pursuing her parent's dream of getting a business degree at Florida State. When not mistaken for being Asian, she frequently finds herself tweeting politically outspoken comments, trying to be be as non-basic on Instagram as possible, stalking DJs on Soundcloud and finishing 25 hour-long episodes on Netflix in 24 hours.

Happy Monday. LOL. Just kidding, there’s nothing happy about Monday at all. If you’re single as a Pringle, like yours truly, Monday can be a bitter reminder that you get to start a whole new week entirely alone. It can also be a great excuse to have yourself a wine night alone to watch snaps of your cute friends and their S.Os. To make sure it hits you right in the feels, you’ll need some proper tuneage — that’s where I come in. What’s better than sad indie pop songs? Not crying to sad indie pop songs. LANY and gnash will get you through it.

Keep drinking, twentysomes.


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